24/7 Pickleball in Fishers

Starting at $2.50 you’ll be able to play Pickleball 24 hours a day at 24/7 DINK in Fishers!


If you’re wondering what’s happening to the Marsh at 116th and Brooks School Road, it’s becoming a 24 hour pickleball gym.

24/7 DINK will be a pay-as-you-play facility opening this fall. For just $2.50/hr you can go straight from Joe’s Bar and Grill at 3 am and have a time. During peak hours, that price gets bumped to $15/hr. They plan to use all 60,000 square foot of facility for 20 indoor pickleball courts.

And everything will be run out of an app. Here’s how they say it will work:

  • Download the App 24/7 DINK app from the Apple Store or Google Play store
  • Find Players & Schedule Matches
    • You’ll get matched with players of similar skill levels through the app’s social platform and calendar system
  • Play at your scheduled time, checking in with a QR code that will tell you what court you’re on
  • Analytics that will track your wins and losses, and update your player rankings

If you’re interested in playing pickleball in Fishers, this is a development to look forward to!

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