These are the best companies to work for in Fishers

Best companies to work for Fishers Indiana

Fishers, Indiana, is home to some of the most employee-centric companies in the state, according to the latest survey by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. This annual survey aims to highlight the best places to work across Indiana, and in 2024, Fishers has outdone itself with eight local businesses making the list. Whether you’re actively job hunting or simply curious about top employers, these Fishers-based companies are worth your attention.

Small Companies (15-74 U.S. employees)

  • Found Search Marketing / Fishers
  • Invesque / Fishers

Medium Companies (75-249 U.S. employees)

  • INCOG BioPharma Services / Fishers
  • Meyer Najem Construction / Fishers
  • RQAW / Fishers

Large Companies (250-999 U.S. employees)

  • FORUM Credit Union / Fishers
  • Guardian Care / Fishers

Major Companies (1,000+ U.S. employees)

  • Northwest Bank / Fishers

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s “Best Places to Work” program is a critical tool for understanding the dynamics of employee satisfaction and company culture. The 2024 edition saw 193 Hoosier businesses being recognized, showcasing the diversity and quality of workplaces across the state.

The selection process, managed by the Workforce Research Group, involves comprehensive employer reports and employee surveys, ensuring a balanced view of each company’s workplace environment. This rigorous evaluation helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of participating companies, allowing them to enhance their employee retention and recruitment strategies.

The full rankings will be unveiled at an awards event on May 8 for those interested in learning more. This celebration honors the winners and offers insights into creating and maintaining a positive workplace culture.

Fishers’ presence on this prestigious list underscores the city’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and supportive business community. Whether you are seeking employment in marketing, construction, biopharma, or banking, Fishers has a place for you. Keep an eye on these companies as they create fulfilling and rewarding work environments in Indiana.

For more information and to view the full list of companies, visit the Indiana Chamber of Commerce website and consider attending the May 8th ceremony to celebrate Indiana’s best places to work.

View the full list of companies and details to attend the May 8th ceremony.

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