How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree in Fishers

christmas tree recycling

Now that the holiday season has come to an end, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with your Christmas tree. Instead of letting it end up in a landfill, why not recycle it? In Fishers, Indiana, there’s a convenient Christmas Tree Recycling program that runs from December 26 through February 1. Here’s how to participate:

Where to Recycle

The Fishers Christmas Tree Recycling program provides several drop-off locations where you can bring your live Christmas tree for recycling. Here are the designated locations:

  • Brooks School Park (parking lot, gated area)
  • Cumberland Park (first parking lot)
  • Roy G. Holland Memorial Park (parking lot, gated area)

These locations are easily accessible and open from dawn to dusk. Simply bring your tree to the designated area, and the recycling program will take care of the rest.

Preparing Your Tree for Recycling

Before dropping off your Christmas tree, it’s important to prepare it for recycling. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Remove all lights, decorations, and tinsel from the tree. These items cannot be recycled and can contaminate the recycling process.
  • Make sure your tree is free of any plastic bags or tree stands. Only bare, live trees can be accepted for recycling.

By taking these small steps, you can ensure that your tree is ready for recycling and minimize any potential issues during the process.


When should I take my Christmas tree down?

A Christmas tree should be kept for 12 nights after Christmas. This is where “The Twelve Days of Christmas” came from! This year, that is January 6th.

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Yes! After you donate your tree, they’ll be mulched. The City of Fishers will then need your help to spread the mulch. This year, they’re doing it at Billericay Park. You can sign up to volunteer here.

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