Duke Energy is raising prices

If you don’t want your energy prices to increase in Fishers with Duke, here’s what you can do

Duke Energy is proposing hiring costs next year

What You Need to Know

Duke Energy has proposed a rate increase affecting both the flat customer charge and energy usage charges. Here’s a breakdown of what this means for you:

  • Customer Charge Increase: From $10.54 to $13.70.
  • Overall Bill Impact: For a customer using 1,000 kWh:
    • Step 1 (March 2025): Increase by $20.43/month.
    • Step 2 (March 2026): Additional $7.20/month.
  • Consumer Action Coalition (CAC) Estimate: Including all charges, the increase could be around $42/month.

How to Take Action

You have several options to express your concerns and influence the decision.

Attend Public Hearings:

  • Bloomington: June 20 at 6 p.m. – Monroe Convention Center, Olcott Young Room, 302 S. College Ave.
  • Fishers: June 27 at 5 p.m. – Hamilton East Public Library, East/Center Rooms, 5 Municipal Drive.

Submit Written Comments: You can also submit your comments in writing if you cannot attend the hearings.

  • Online: Submit your comments through the OUCC’s website.
  • Email: Send your comments to [email protected].
  • Mail: Public Comments Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) 115 W. Washington St., Suite 1500 SOUTH Indianapolis, IN 46204

Why It Matters

These rate increases will directly impact your monthly electric bills. Duke Energy claims the increases are necessary for covering operational costs and investments in infrastructure. However, consumer advocates argue that the proposed hikes are too steep, especially considering the company’s profitability.

Stay Informed and Involved

It’s essential to stay informed about how these changes will affect you and your community. Participate in the public hearings, submit your comments, and let your voice be heard. Your feedback can make a significant difference in the regulatory decision-making process.

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