New Fishers Tree Tribute Program

Fishers has a new tree tribute program, where you can donate trees in names of loved one.s. Here is the full press release provided by the city.

City of Fishers Announces New Tribute Tree Program

Community invited to honor, celebrate and remember loved ones with new program

The City of Fishers has launched an all-new Tribute Tree Program. The program invites Fishers residents to donate trees to honor, remember or celebrate their loved ones and special occasions while infusing vibrancy into the city’s parks and public spaces.

The new program offers an easy online portal to request and coordinate tree plantings.

Through the application process, applicants can select a preferred location in several Fishers parks. Trees will be planted with the guidance and aid of the Fishers Department of Public Works. Residents will also be given the opportunity to have a tree-planting ceremony or conduct the planting in a way that honors their loved one.

Types of Tribute Trees include:

  • Planting a tree in memory — a living tribute that benefits present and future generations.
  • Planting a tree in honor — a way to show one’s appreciation for a loved one, someone who has touched lives or a community or someone who has served or is serving their country.
  • Planting a tree in celebration — a unique method of celebrating birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings, new births, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

Applicants are responsible for the maintenance and care for each tribute tree that is planted. The Department of Public Works reserves the right to remove trees that have degenerated or are damaged and are not responsible for replacement post-installation.

This new tribute program is joining the City’s lineup of programs to honor and remember loved ones. The Honor a Hero program invites residents to purchase a brick paver or light pole banner in honor of an armed services member. The Angel of Hope Memorial at Heritage Park, presented by the Fishers Parks Foundation, offers memorial pavers in honor of lost children.

For more information about the Tribute Tree Program or to visit the online portal, visit

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