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Good Friday Morning. This is Fishers Digest. If this newsletter had a smell, it would be the waffle cone maker at an ice-cream shop.

🌨️ Today’s weather: Patchy snow, with a high near 18°
☀️ Saturday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 15°
☀️ Sunday: Sunny, high of 19°

In today’s digest:

  • Snowplowing
  • Trash contracts
  • Live music lists drop
  • 200k cookies

Two quick things before we get into it:

🤦 On Tuesday, there was a mistake on where the Michigan left is. It’s at 96th/Allisonville Road. Thanks to readers Debra and Dave for pointing this out!

💌 If there’s ever a topic you want to learn more about or are unsure about, reach out! Usually there are more sources than I link (so the newsletter doesn’t look too cluttered).

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The Digest

what the snow! ❄️

If you were wishing for snow… well, you may get your wish. We’re looking at another few inches today.

To be a snow event, it needs be 2 inches or more. This means the snowplows and salt trucks should be out today. If you’ve ever wondered how snow plowing is determined, here’s how it’s broken down:

  • Priority 1: Roads that connect public safety facilities throughout the city. So roads near hospitals, fire stations, police stations, etc.
  • Priority 2: Feeder roads. These higher-traffic roads may have schools, parks, and businesses, or act as the primary road within a subdivision.
  • Priority 3: Neighborhood main roads.
  • Priority 4: Short roads/cul-de-sacs
  • Any other road that isn’t in Fishers or is a private road won’t be plowed by the city. You’ll need to contact a 3rd party.

You can use this map to see where each type of road is and when you can expect it to be plowed!

Also, here’s one of my favorite lines from their process for plowing “The City of Fishers does not collect or store snow.” Good to know 🤣

Trash timeline🗑️

Trash timeline proposal
Trash timeline proposal by the City of Fishers

One big thing: The City of Fishers is moving forward with taking bids for a city-wide trash contract. The above picture shows the timeline.

Background: Ray’s being bought by Waste Management opened the flood gates for what’s happening today. Rate increases and poor service compounded over the past year and now the city possibly stepping in.

Timeline: Next month, the city will start taking proposals. Fishers will work to negotiate before having a public hearing in July. If things move forward from there, we could see a city-managed contract starting as early as next year.

> The worst that comes from this is a loss of some administrative time if the public ends up saying no.

The contract needs to be a weekly trash, bi-weekly recycling, leaf/landscaping days, and special needs help. They’re asking for a 5-year contract. You learn more by viewing the full proposal here.

HC Tavern: “It lives up to the hype” 🍽️

Lobster Escargot

I asked ChatGPT the highlights of human achievement. It gave the usual. Invention of the wheel, development of writing, building of the pyramids. Those are all great, but what if it tried the Lobster Escargot at HC Tavern? It’s an achievement in its own right. I have to imagine it would have made the list.

And don’t just take it from us. Here’s what Barbie said after her first visit: “The lobster escargot appetizer was to die for.” Or Greg: “My wife and I are food snobs, and I can confidently say this was some of the best food we’ve ever had. The lobster escargot appetizer is worth every single penny!!”

If you haven’t tried it, you need to. It’s easy to make a reservation, click here and choose a time that works for you.

The Happenings

Weekend preview 📆

> Disney on Ice is happening every day this weekend at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. The show will feature characters from Moana, Frozen, Coco and Beauty and the Beast. Get tickets here!

> Books n’ Brews is hosting a family bingo night this Saturday from 7-9 pm. This is a cool place to check out that is exactly what it sounds like. Part bookstore, part brewery, part game store. Learn more here.

> Standup comedian Mark Normand will be taking over the Butler Event Center Saturday night. Completely with an afterparty starting at 9 pm. Get tickets here.

> The library is hosting a comic book for a day challenge. You have 6 hours to create a comic book in any genre with the help of professional artists. Happens at the Ignite space. Learn more here.

🕺 The 2024 Bop to the Top stair climb happens tomorrow. Hosted by Indy Runners, you’ll climb all 780 steps of the OneAmerica Tower. You can sign up to compete as an individual, or as a team. And if you’re feeling extra insane, you can sign up for the triple step event where you do it three times! Register here.

🔮 Taking a guess where you would find crystal balls, tuning forks, crystal chakra light sessions, and of course $5 psychic readings. If you guessed a psychic fair, you would correct! This Saturday and Sunday, enjoy all of those things and more. Learn more.

> Live music lists have been moved to the bottom of this email due to size!

Local business

Crumbl Cookies turns 3 🍪

Crumbl Fishers

The Crumbl in Fishers turned 3 this week 🎉 If you’ve never had them, they’re gigantic cookies with a weekly rotating menu. They’ve developed a cult like following with their signature pink box and style.

Tyson Barrett is the franchise owner of the Fishers location (and others in Indy). He was turned down multiple times by Crumbl’s corporate before they let him open the store. Turns out, it was the best decision both Tyson and Crumbl could have made. The Crumbl Cookies in Fishers is the #1 selling store in the country. With 140 employees and over 200,000 cookies sold, they’ve crushed it. Congratulations Tyson!

📲 Want to see your business here? Email me to get a highlight. It’s free!

Nothing in this section is sponsored. It’s just something you should know.

Rapid Fire Hits

Quick headlines and things to know from all around 🌐

A stand-up comedian tears into Carmel in an bit from one of his performances. Check out the Instagram reel here 😂 (link)

On Wednesday, 4 million people were sent an email that celebrated Indianapolis. Their quote “Indianapolis Airport is the only place in the world where traveling is both encouraged and banned” is gold 🥇 Central Indiana is the place to be! (image below)

morning brew indy

The 2024 Farmer’s Market applications are still open. If you are an aspiring food entrepreneur or want to get your local business off the ground. You can learn more and sign up here. Applications close February 11.

There are many upcoming events around the city that require volunteers. View the available opportunities here. All hours are tracked, and top volunteers are given awards every year. So get those hours in 💪

Weekly recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most last week 🏆️

  • Chicken n’ Pickle plans (link)
  • IUPUI split FAQs (link) – Note this link might not work on some browsers!
  • 2024 solar eclipse interactive map (link)
  • 1440 – a news publication (link)
  • Hamilton County’s $60k remote control lawn mower (link)
  • AI Doom calculator (link)

Live Music

🎶 Live Music – Indy

Toy Factory | Britton Tavern | 10 pm
Hill & Oaks | Parks Place Pub | 8 pm
A Night with Solo | HI-FI Indianapolis | 10 pm
Henry Lee Summer | 8 Seconds Saloon
The Doo | Ale Emporium (Greenwood) | 8:30 pm
Country Summer | Ale Emporium (Fishers) | 8:30 pm
Stella Luna | Ale Emporium (Indianapolis) | 8:30 pm
Madd Honey | Tin Roof | 10:30 pm
Hillbilly Happy Hours | Melody Inn | 7 pm
The Subtleties | Melody Inn | 9 pm
Jai Baker 3 | That Place Bar & Grill | 9 pm
Tony Monaco | The Jazz Kitchen | 7 pm
The Taylor Swift Party | The Vogue Theatre | 9 pm
Bexxie | Black Circle | 8 pm
To Life…and All That Jazz | The Cabaret | 8 pm
MANIA: The ABBA Tribute | Old National Centre | 7:30 pm
The French Connection | White Rabbit Cabaret | 9 pm
Mozart and The Chevalier | Hilbert Circle Theatre | 8 pm
Brandon Douthitt Quartet | Chatterbox Jazz Club | 8 pm
Linda Abshire Duo | The Rathskeller | 8 pm
Damage, Mauled, Whydah? | Healer | 7 pm
That 90s Band | Mikie’s Pub | 9 pm

90 proof | Britton Tavern | 10 pm
Sarah Grain & The Billions of Stars | LO-FI Lounge | 7 pm
Chris Knight | HI-FI Indianapolis | 9 pm
Tyler Poe | 8 Seconds Saloon
DJ Trilli | Tin Roof | 5:30 pm
Madd Honey | Tin Roof | 10:30 pm
Punk Rock Night | Melody Inn | 8 pm
Spankys Clubhouse | That Place Bar & Grill | 10 pm
The Tucker Brothers | The Jazz Kitchen | 7 pm
Katherine Nagy & Friends | Indy Folk Series | 7 pm
Baila | The Vogue Theatre | 10 pm
To Life…and All That Jazz | The Cabaret | 8 pm
Leela James | Old National Centre | 8 pm
Club 90’s 2000’s Night | Old National Centre | 9 pm
Real Talk Dance Party with Action Jackson and friends | White Rabbit Cabaret | 10 pm
Country Summer | Radio Radio | 10 pm
Ellis Gold & dotyfish | Irving Theater | 6:30 pm
Mozart and The Chevalier | Hilbert Circle Theatre | 5:30 pm
Freddie Mendoza | Chatterbox Jazz Club | 8 pm
Levi Riggs | The Rathskeller | 8 pm
Debutants Ball featuring Debutants & Friends | Clyde Theatre | 7 pm
Silenced Voices | Schrott Center for the Arts | 7:30 pm
Midnight RedEye | Mikie’s Pub | 9:30 pm
The Dirty Vandals | Sidelines Sports Pub | 9 pm
Wishy, Progressive Knife, & Brilliant Eminence | State Street Pub | 9 pm

Veil of Maya | HI-FI Indianapolis | 6 pm
DJ Trilli | Tin Roof | 9 pm
THE FAMOUS MONSTERS | Melody Inn | 6 pm
Amanda Gardier | The Jazz Kitchen | 7 pm
The Sunday Show! | Black Circle | 8:00pm | 8 pm
Puddles Pity Party | Clyde Theatre | 7 pm
Coterie | State Street Pub | 9 pm


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