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In today’s digest:

  • Small business wins
  • Veteran’s day events
  • Weekend preview

We don’t have a big issue for you today, we’re celebrating the holiday. Have a great weekend!

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The Digest

Light banners

Photo Credit: City of Fishers

If you walk around downtown Fishers and look up, you’ll see banners honoring veterans. It’s part of a program called “Honor a Hero”. Anyone can apply for one on behalf of a veteran or active duty service member. They change twice yearly on:

  • Veteran’s Day
  • Memorial Day

The light pole banners are free of charge and paid for by the city. You can also buy an engraved paver, but this one’s on you. If you do apply, the banner or paver will be changed for next year’s Memorial day.

Campaign signs

If you have campaign signs in your yard, here’s what you can do with them:

  • Cardboard or paper signs: Toss ‘em in your recycling bin
  • Plastic or metal can be brought to the Hamilton County Hazardous Waste where they’ll be disposed of properly. It will have to wait until next Tuesday, as the county is observing the holiday this weekend

Or of course, you can ask the candidate to come get it 🫠

School news 📈

👏 for teachers. Teacher salaries are officially finalized for 2023-2024 with a healthy boost to all levels. The starting salary increased by ~$4.4k. All other salaries increased by similar amounts depending on experience.

  • New teacher starting salary = $48,500
  • Degree + 19 years experience = $91,810

Huge win for SMBs

One big thing: The OneZone Chamber of Commerce is now offering health insurance through United Health Care.

One of the biggest challenges all small business owners face is health care options. The reality is, it’s extremely expensive. And this is a big win. To qualify, you’ll need to be in good standing with the chamber and based in Indiana.

If you’re interested in joining, they cover the northern Hamilton County area. They hold many events in Fishers throughout the year and are great for networking.

Local Business

Java House

It’s here! Java House is opening this morning. You can find them downtown Fishers. They’re celebrating their grand opening with some fun door prizes and community events. Here’s what you need to know:

  • BOGO on all drinks
  • First 75 in line get a swag bag of coffee and merch. 3 will have $250 gift cards

Opens 7 am today!

Nothing in this section is sponsored. It’s just things you should know.

The Happenings

Veteran’s Day 🪖

Fishers is hosting a ceremony today at the YMCA. There will be a live stream on the City of Fishers Facebook page.

The Indianapolis Veterans Day Parade is at noon. View the map here.

  • It starts at Michigan and Pennsylvania streets, heads south to New York Street and turns west, looping around the Legion Mall and Indiana War Memorial to head north on Meridian Street and end at St. Clair Street.

For the veteran looking for places to go this weekend, here’s a good list.

🏠️ The Linden House sold for $14.5 million last year. It was the largest residential sale in Indiana’s history. It’s now a Restoration Hardware, which opens up for business* at 11 today.

🎨 Fishers Arts Council is hosting a colorful evening at the FAC Gallery tonight. Mingle with Indiana’s finest artists, savor light bites, and enjoy a glass of wine (on them). It’s a free, vibrant gathering for art lovers.

🔵 The HSE vs Westfield Class 6A tournament starts tonight. This is the semi-state game. View the bracket here, and good luck!

💼 Business networking

Here’s a few opportunities to network with fellow business owners this weekend:

  • Inspire Small Biz is hosting their monthly networking lunch at PinHeads today. Registration required, but free.
  • OneZone Chamber of Commerce has their Eggs and Issues meetup, with a special Veteran’s day twist. Speakers include Fishers founder John Wechsler.

🎶 Live Music

Steel Petals | Wolfies
Stella Luna | Ale Emporium | 8:30 pm
Jai Baker | Parks Place Pub | 8 pm
Midnight Red Eye | Britton Tavern | 10 pm

Stella Luna | Britton Tavern

Tim Wright | HC Tavern | 11 am
The 78s | Daniel’s Vineyard | 1 pm

➡️ Have an event, live music, or similar coming up? Email us to get featured here. ⬅️

Game Corner 🎰

Weekly recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most this week:

  • Hamilton County election results
  • Fishers Event Center project plan + timeline
  • How to create your own ChatGPT
  • Savannah Bananas ticket lottery still open
  • Football Class6a Tournament Bracket

Quiz time!

Another week, another quiz! Answer the questions to see how well you’ve retained Fishers Digest this week.

  1. What is the new starting teacher salary at HSE?
  2. True or False: The HSE school referendum takes effect immediately now that it passed.
  3. When will the Fishers Event Center be completed?
  4. What is the name of the new receipt like system that shows your voting selection?
  5. Does Veteran’s Day get celebrated today or tomorrow?

Answers at the bottom.

Quick Hits

67. That’s the number of straight wins the HSE Volleyball team has. A 33-0 season with a second straight state win.

The Las Vegas Sphere has reported $100m in losses in their first quarter open. Oof. Sounds like they might have cut too many corners 🥁

We usually like to keep things focused to the good news. But occasionally, things like this are worth just sharing. Half a dozen homes in Indy/Fishers were raided by the DEA to bust a large-scale drug operation.


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Answer key

  1. What is the new starting teacher salary at HSE? $48,500 🔥
  2. True or False: The HSE school referendum takes effect immediately now that it passed. False. It takes effect in 2024.
  3. When will the Fishers Event Center be completed? November 2024
  4. What is the name of the new receipt like system that shows your voting selection? Verified Voter Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT)
  5. Does Veteran’s Day get celebrated today or tomorrow? Tomorrow. It is always officially celebrated November 11. Even if it’s on a weekend.

How’d you do? Leave some feedback if you got all five right so I can congratulate you 👏

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