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Good Friday morning. This is Fishers Digest. The local newsletter that feels better than opening a Valpak envelope of coupons.

🌧️ Today’s weather: Rain, with a high near 52°. First day of December raining is so Indiana.

In today’s digest:

  • Foil hats
  • Event center updates
  • Weekend preview

🎂 Happy Birthday to our newest super fan, Andrea Mann!

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The Digest

Verizon plug pulled 🔌

Foil hat

Fishers has revoked more permits Verizon had to build 5g towers in neighborhoods. I now fully expect the price of foil in Fishers to go down.

Don’t throw away your hats entirely though. Here’s a map that has the neighborhoods you’ll need them in. Green = built. Purple = revoked.

Fishers event center – updates

One big thing: The Fishers Event Center will open in less than a year.

Put this in your maps 11000 Stockdale Street and drive past it in a month. You should see a roof on the Event Center. And by early next year, we should start hearing what types of concerts and events will be happening. Who’s petitioning for Tswift?

Why it matters: The event center is a big bet on tourism and ability to fill the stadium. Here’s the quick and dirty list on what’s been done to support the opening:

No alcohol license limit in the area around it

  • Small businesses wanting to serve alcohol can’t be held hostage by normal limits. Market rate for a normal one is hundreds of thousands.
  • There should be an influx in bars and restaurants

Turned on a 1% food and beverage tax

  • $3 million in additional revenue per year for the city (read below for a fun fact on this!).

The owner of the Indy Fuel purchased a team in the Indy Indoor Football League (IFL)

  • Broadens audience of sports fans and guarantees event space use for at least 8 days. 8 home games and 8 away games are played in a season.

💡Fun fact: Consumers spent $300 million on food in Fishers in 2023. Add in a standard 15% tip and the grand total is $345 million in spending.

🚨Community PSA

There is an unknown illness going around affecting dogs. Cases have been reported in Indiana. Antibiotics have not worked as treatment and there is still a lot of mystery on what exactly this is.

Many local experts are recommending you keep your dog up to date on their vaccines. And if you can, avoid boarding and contact with other animals.

Another friendly PSA

Huse Culinary Gift Card 2023

I have a secret. But before I tell you, I need to ask you a question:

Do you celebrate occasions in your household?

Your wedding anniversary, wife’s birthday, graduation dinner, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, valentine’s day. You get the point. 

If not, then my secret isn’t for you. If you do, I imagine going to a restaurant is a consideration. I also bet HC Tavern is a contender. And if it isn’t, it should be. Their Lobster Escargot is to die for. Just ask Barbie. 

Alright. Here’s the secret. Whenever I go to a Huse Culinary restaurant, I always get 20% off. Because I stock up on their limited time 20% bonus gift cards. This is your once-a-year chance to pre-buy your family’s festivities and save some dough.

Because I promise you, the next time you go, you’ll have wished you had. Act now

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Local Business

Tako Seoul (Korean taco shop) grand opening tomorrow at 10:30 am. 8235 E 116th St Ste. 201, Fishers, IN 46038

Holiday gift guide from This is Fishers spotlighting local. Read it here.

☃️ Winter Farmer’s Markets

Here’s where to get fresh food and vibes this Winter.

Broad Ripple. There are over 60 vendors and farmers at this market! Location: 2615 E 62nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46220. Hours: 9 am – 12 pm Saturday.

Indy. This is the 15th year in business. Location: 1220 Waterway Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Hours: 9 am – 12:30 pm Saturday.

Carmel. Carmel having both a farmer’s market and holiday market at the same time in kind of a flex. Location: 611 3rd Avenue SW. Hours: 9 am – 12:30 pm Saturday.

Nothing in this section is sponsored. It’s just things you should know.

Play a winning game

Luke Cathcart

When’s the last time you felt like you’re playing a losing game?

Insurance, like any industry, is designed to make money. Depending on who you ask, the following numbers can vary. But know this: It’s a trillion-dollar industry. So the game is to make money, and it’s you vs the carrier. That’s probably not a winning game.

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So don’t be a loser. Get a free quote today.

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The Happenings

The lights festival downtown kicks of tonight. From 6-8 pm enjoy a holy trinity. Lights, music, food. Good times.

First (and last?) Friday at Nickel Plate Arts. Once again, the holy trinity except this event also has art for the fancy.

🚂 If you are having nightmares about not being able to take the Nickel Plate “Holiday Express” train, you might want to check out the Carmel Holiday Trolley. No guarantees of going to Santa’s workshop but they will take you to local businesses!


If you’re over 21 and are fan of cash bars you can head to Cicero and go for a 75-minute holiday ride.

This month’s December storywalk did not get the memo. The book is called “A Thing Called Snow” and will be on display at Holland Park. Maybe if enough of us go and read the book out loud we can turn today’s rain into snow ❄️

Tickets are still available to have breakfast with the big man himself. Happens at Conner Prairie Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am sharp.

Fishers Letters to Santa: Spread the holiday cheer by sending your letters to Santa! From 11/24 to 12/15, drop off your letters at Nickel Plate Trail or Ambassador House at Heritage Park. Santa swears he will reply. You can also email him by 12/22 at [email protected] ✉️

Weekend Sports

Colts @ Titans on Sunday

Pacers @ Heat on Saturday

🎶 Live Music

Living Proof | Britton Tavern | 10 pm
Tim Neuman | Parks Place Pub | 8 pm
Lit Soul | Ale Emporium | 8:30 pm
DJ Demetrius | Wolfies Geist

Chasing Katie | Britton Tavern | 10 pm
Corey Cox Band | Ale Emporium | 8:30 pm
Alex Mellinger | Daniel’s Vineyard | 1 pm

Tim Wright | HC Tavern | 11 am

➡️ Have an event, live music, or similar coming up? Email us to get featured here. ⬅️

Quick Hits

Laughs 🤣

Here’s the top three things we came across this week that made us LOL.

Cartography of Indiana created by a Reddit user

ChatGPT making an image of a person progressively more “Indiana

Evansville can’t quite seem to decorate a Christmas tree right (link).

Weekly recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most last week 🏆️

  • Cooper & Cow restaurant replacing LouVino in December (link)
  • The Winzer Wonderland at Daniel’s Vineyard (link)
  • Fishers Tiger Band Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade performance (link)
  • Fishers Digest shares trash pains with City Council (link)


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