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  • HEPL overview
  • Traffic safety updates
  • New flights for tech workers

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The Digest

There shouldn’t be a guide for this

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But there is because the Hamilton East Library is undefeated in causing controversy and drama and dividing the Fishers community.

You aren’t alone if you’re struggling to keep up with everything. Let’s break it down 💃

The library board cut off the public in their last meeting. Things started to go off the rails when a board member accused the Human Library event of promoting prostitution. The finale was a meeting participant dropping their books and being asked to leave. They didn’t, got arrested, and now they’re facing misdemeanor charges.

It surfaced later that Author John Green’s book, The Fault in our Stars, one of the best-selling books of all time, was moved to the adult section. This has driven social media, and John, completely nuts — calling Fishers ludicrous and an embarrassment.

Now there’s a new meeting set for August 30th, where board member Andre Miksha is being targeted for removal. There isn’t much on the agenda, but it does cite state law on removing a board member.

It’s been reported this is due to his voting record.

Sheesh. That’s a lot for ANY library to go through in a year. Much less than 2 weeks. Go deeper with our article here.

Please stop running and biking on 146th and Allisonville

Hamilton County’s Traffic Division is asking people to PLEASE stop, and it’s prohibited anyway (“No pedestrians or bicycles” signs are on both sides).

The problem: This is one of the only ways to get across the river into Carmel for bikers and runners. The next closest is going all the way to 116th street.

Either way, do with this info what you will, and don’t forget to join the Woodstock 5k to support the Humane Society!

Tech workers: new flights 4 u

  • SFO to IND non-stop, leaving at 1:40 pm, replacing the current red-eye flight. Starting up October 29th. This is through United.
  • IND to SLC non-stops back in action starting on March 10th. Good timing for spring ski season too. This is through Delta.

Both of these flights can be booked now.

Luke Cathcart
Luke Cathcart is the GOAT of insurance. Contact him for a free review.

The Happenings

WoofStock Survivor 5k & Dog Walk

  • Saturday, August 12 | 8-12 pm | $55 | This timed, 5K course can be run, jogged, or walked by the whole family – leashed and in-stroller pups included. Benefits the Humane Society for Hamilton County.

Niko Moon Concert

  • Friday, August 11 | 7 pm | $20 | Brooke Lee and Christine Kindred will join Niko Moon at the NPD AMP for August Concert Series.

Facebook Finds

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Here’s some context. Jonathan Taylor, the Colts star running back, has been at odds with Jim Irsay over his contract and salary disputes.

It’s yet to be seen whether the RB will play for the team as he serves the last year of his rookie contract or will the Colts trade him off.

So hey, if you have a little one might as well shoot your shot 💪


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