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In today’s digest:

  • Execs leaving
  • Collateral business damage
  • Thanksgiving 5ks

A correction: Last week, we shared news about the Andretti HQ (here if you missed it). Michael Andretti said his HQ will be way nicer than Mclaren’s. Turns out, he was actually talking about their HQ in England, not Fishers. Thank you to a reader who pointed this out!

Secondly, I am testing the days this newsletter is sent. If you have any feedback, I respond to everything and would love to hear.

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The Digest

Library changes

Two big things:

  1. The newest City Council woman, Tiffanie Ditlevson, is resigning from the library board at the end of the year. She was the president. That honor now goes to Craig Siebe 🏅
  2. They have removed the controversial book policy

Larry in Fishers does a good job breaking down a lot of the roles that have seen changes the past few months. Fishers will see lots of change in 2024. Including the following:

HSE DEI executive leaving

One big thing: Nakati Pettigrew, who helped promote diversity at HSE, is leaving the role.

This was a new role to HSE (2018), which she took up in 2021. Her contract was not renewed and she is now moving on to a similar role at Washington Township Schools. It is unknown if HSE will replace the role.

Tune in on Thanksgiving

In a few days, over 30 million people will watch the Fishers Tiger Band perform at the Macy’s Day Parade. Here is everything you need to know:

  • Event is on Thursday, 8:30 am to noon
  • Watch it by streaming on NBC/Peacock
  • If you are in NY, here’s the parade map

The Macy’s Parade has run since 1924. The Tiger Band joins on their 99th year.

Local Business

Construction = collateral damage for business

If you’ve been to Broad Ripple at any point over the past 1.5 years, then you’ve come across an unfortunate amount of construction and traffic. A downtown project that was originally supposed to take ~135 days turned into a over ~577 days. And it’s hurting local businesses. Union Jack Pub shared these stats on their business:

  • COVID: 30% drop in business
  • Construction: 70% drop in business

Others in the area shared similar feeling as Union Jack’s. Indy’s response was along the lines of “it’s almost done now anyway and you’re going to enjoy our $8m investment”. You can learn more about the project itself here.

This highlights the importance of supporting locally if you can, especially during times of change.

Shop Fishers

Shop Fishers is live for the holidays 🔥 🎉 This yearly program helps you support small businesses in the community. Businesses can submit their deals here. And here’s the list of small businesses who have already shared their upcoming deals.

Pro Tip: Many of the deals ask you to just mention Shop Fishers

Two recommendations: The Hot Room Yoga is great if you’re looking for a sweaty workout. The after class feeling is amazing.

Play it Again Sports is another one. They have almost every kind of sports equipment you can think of, from used to brand new.

Nothing in this section is sponsored. It’s just things you should know.

The Happenings

📍Carmel’s Christkindlmarkt Opening Day

Miss the opening weekend for the Christkindlmarkt? No worries, it’s open again on Wednesday. Then closes for Thanksgiving. And opens again on Friday for the weekend. If you have family in town this week, the market is one of the #1 holiday markets in the country. View the upcoming schedule here to plan your visit!

🏃🦃 Thanksgiving 5ks

If you’re one of those families who choose to free up some calories by participating in a 5k, this ones for you.

  • The Gobblers Jog happens in the Saxony neighborhood on Olio Road. Tickets here
  • The Wishbone 5k happens at the YMCA in Fishers. Dogs welcome (obviously). Tickets here

Does your family participate in this tradition? Reply and let me know!

Coming soon

🟢 HC Tavern plans to steal Christmas at their Whoville event this weekend. The entire second floor will be transformed into a 21+ holiday experience every Saturday-Tuesday.

🎟️ Tickets for the last state of the city Mayor Brainard (Carmel) will give are on sale now. Expect stories about how Carmel grew to what it is today and much more. If you’re in business, I expect this a worthwhile event for networking.

🎄 If you’re a holiday hypeman or hypewoman, I’m happy to share that the Circle of Lights is accepting applications. Downtown Indy is looking for super fans who think they deserve a front-row seat to the Circle of Lights this Friday at 6 pm. You have until tomorrow. Form here.

County Council meeting

On the agenda for Monday’s (tonight) City Council meeting:

  • Approving bond use for multiple developments (like District South)
  • Fixing corrosion from construction on I-69
  • Planning and zoning approvals
  • Full agenda

The meeting is tonight (Monday) at 7 PM at Launch Fishers – 12175 Visionary Way, Fishers, Indiana 46038. Watch online here.

➡️ Have an event, live music, or similar coming up? Email us to get featured here. ⬅️

Nothing in this section is sponsored. It’s just things you should know.

Game Corner 🎰

There was no Friday issue last week. So this week, you’ll be getting two of these. Let’s go 😎

Last week’s recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most last week 🏆️:

Quick Hits

What happens when your entire board can fit in a Honda Civic, and your governance structure is a house of cards? You get a board that kicks out their CEO! That’s what happened to Sam Altman at OpenAI (the company who made ChatGPT) last Friday. In barely two days after being ousted, AND before the market opens, Microsoft announced the hiring of him to lead their AI team. Wild times!

Protests are heating up at Newfields due to the latest CEO leaving the company. Dr. Burnette served in the role for less than two years, and the protests believe her leaving is due to racism. Two board members immediately left from the news, and another last Friday.

View the full list of activities happening at the library this December here.

The UAW strikes are finally coming to a close. Agreements have been made 🎉

Construction this week

Fishers Construction

Nothing too new this week with the holiday. Here is the high-level overview:

  • Today (Monday) on 126th street from Ford Drive to Trophy Drive there will be lane restrictions. Gas work is being completed by Citizens.

Read the full report here.


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