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Good Wednesday morning. This is Fishers Digest. The local newsletter encouraging you to help keep Fishers beautiful. It’s America Recycles Day ♻️

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In today’s digest:

  • Second class cities
  • Igloo experiences
  • Super extremely secret restaurant

Obligatory reminder that if you order something now, there’s still a good chance it will come before Thanksgiving 🦃

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The Digest

Second class cities


One big thing: Every city in Hamilton County will be a second-class city.

It’s a very interesting choice of words lol, but actually what they’re called. In Indiana, a cities tier is based on population count. Between 35,000 and 599,999 are eligible to be a second-class city. Westfield is the latest* city to become one.

Why it matters: The idea behind the tiers is to help a city scale with the people who live there. It opens up city council spots, allows new specialized departments, who runs meetings, and more . As an example, Fishers has their own Health Department. It’s one of three in the state with their own.

In case it ever comes up on a trivia night, here’s when each city made their debut:

  • Fishers – Jan 1, 2015
  • Noblesville – Jan 1, 2016
  • Carmel – Jan 1, 2016
  • Westfield – Jan 1, 2028

Cash for driving ❄️

For hustlers or people looking for a little extra money this Holiday season. Fishers is hiring snow plow drivers for winter. All you need is a normal license, 3 years of driving experience, and a clean record. They will take care of the rest, providing both the trucks and training to use them.

Holiday maps 🗺️

If you are one of those people who put up lights that will light up your entire street, then I’m going to assume you want other people to know. You can submit your house to be a part of the lights map for 2023. Once you do, anyone in the city will be able to check out your glorious creation and find where to visit 🎄

Speaking of lights, start marking your calendars for this 3 day event on the Nickel Plate Trail.


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The Happenings

Today is America Recycles Day. The annual program has helped see over 16.5 million pounds of recycling. Think you’re a recycling guru? Take a quiz here to see where you rank.

If you want to support a non-profit, RecycleForce is based in Indy and accepts “anything with a cord”. They hire ex-prisoners to help reintroduce them into society with meaningful work.

The 2023 Holiday Mart starts tomorrow through this weekend at the State Fair grounds. It’s a unique shopping experience featuring small businesses. While we don’t have a train there anymore, the 41-mile Nickel Plate Trail will do once Indy’s portion is finished!

Igloo experiences 🥶

It’s impossible for patio season to die when we have igloos. While snow isn’t anytime on the horizon, these are all restaurants that have them available today. They’re a ton of fun!

Nickel Plate Review Committee Meeting

fishers elementary

November 15. Launch Fishers @ 5 pm.

The only agenda is to review a proposal to expand Fishers Elementary School. The changes aim to expand the building and parking availability. View the full agenda here.

🎶 Live music

Zac Hill | Parks Place Pub
Frazier and Scotty | King Jugg

➡️ Have an event, live music, or similar coming up? Email us to get featured here. ⬅️

Brought to you by your wallet*

Luke Cathcart

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Quick Hits


There is a super secret, low-key restaurant in Indy that no one is talking about. You can’t eat, drink, or even see it unless you’re a member. Which is an annual purchase you make if you get accepted. It’s a CRG restaurant called The Bemberg. You can view more photos on the developers website. But that’s about it. Very mysterious 😶‍🌫️

Speaking of restaurants, 7 out of 10 Americans agreethat tipping is now expected in more places than ever before. 2/3 Americans are not confident in knowing exactly how or when to tip for different types of services. All from a new research study by Pew.

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Results from Monday’s Nextdoor Survey


I had no expectations but still surprised by the results. It’s close to 50/50 on using it or not. There are times it can be useful, like this post a day ago. Someone was walking their dog and a black car followed them home and up their driveway. Yikes. Stay safe out there.

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