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Good Wednesday morning. This is Fishers Digest. The Fishers newsletter that tells you everything you need to know about Fishers (and beyond) – all before your coffee gets cold.

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In today’s digest:

  • Election results
  • Veteran’s Day preview
  • School events

Hopefully, you were able to perfect your voting technique yesterday. And if you still have your “I voted” stick lying around, make sure to stick it on your laptop, phone case, or even Stanley cup.

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The Digest

Election results

Two big things:

  1. Republicans won all but one city council position. Bill Stuart is the only Democrat who won his district
  2. The school referendum passed, by a huge margin

I drove to almost every polling site to meet all the candidates. The common theme was turnout was much higher than expected all around. There were a few locations that broke records. Great job Fishers! Here’s a few more fun facts:

  • Only 13% of voters clicked “vote straight party”
  • The vote for the SW district was the closest. Bill Stuart (D) won by 60 votes
  • The candidates who won will hold office for four years

For the curious, you can view the full results across all of Hamilton County.

What’s next?: The newly passed referendum will start providing ~$24/m in funding to HSE Schools starting next year. The new council members will take their seats after a transition (TBD).

Go Deeper: New this year was the Verified Voter Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT). This is a machine that prints out and displays all of your voting selections for you before you submit them. It looked just like a receipt. The idea is to ensure that you are 100% sure you know what you voted for. State law requires they be put to use everywhere by July 1st of next year.

Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day falls on a Saturday this year. The Federal Holiday is always officially observed on November 11th. That said, events do still happen throughout the week. Here’s the rundown:

  • Carmel is hosting their Veteran’s Day Ceremony on Thursday from 9-noon.
  • Fishers is hosting its ceremony on Friday 11 a.m. at the YMCA
    • There will be a live stream on the City of Fishers Facebook page.
  • Indianapolis is hosting a parade on Friday at noon.

I need your help. If you are a veteran or a business owner and are aware of events, specials, etc. other vets should know of. Please leave feedback below or reply to this email. We will publish a full guide on Friday 🫡

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The Happenings

Coffee and Conversation is a monthly meetup hosted at Launch Fishers. Every month, two local businesses get a spotlight. The rest of the event is pure networking. It’s a great event for professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone in business. Thursday at 8:30 am @ Launch Fishers.

The OneZone Chamber of Commerce is hosting a special veteran’s day edition of their monthly Eggs and Issues. Each month, members and guests can join up to hear talks from state legislators, business leaders, non-profits, and more. Tickets here.

School events

The HSE School board meets tonight at 7 in the HSE admin building. A few notable items on the agenda (navigate to the boarddocs site):

  • Congrats on the volleyball team winning the state championship
  • Finalizing increased teacher salaries

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Quick Hits

Over the next few weeks we will slowly be adding new merch and birthday rewards. If you’re a premium subscriber, be on the lookout for an email from me to participate in our bi-annual holiday merch giveaway.

IU is honoring Bob Knight by wearing jerseys with patches on them for the rest of the season. RIP.

Carmel and Indianapolis mayor race came to a close. Sue Finkam (R) won Carmel, and Joe Hogsett (D) won Indianapolis. Joe’s Republican opponent spent a mind-blowing $13.5m of his own money on his campaign.

ChatGPT received some major upgrades this week. The speed at which their parent company, OpenAI, is delivering products is incredible. The most promising tool appears to be the “custom GPT”. Paying users will be able to create their own chatbots with their data. Pretty neat.

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