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Good Tuesday morning. This is Fishers Digest. The only local Fishers newsletter that is certified Midwest nice. See our certificate below for proof.

🌧️ Today’s weather: Rain and/or snow, with a high near 41°.

In today’s digest:

  • Fall creek park pitchforks
  • Holiday giveaway – don’t miss this section
  • A lot of quick hits
  • Weekly construction report

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The Digest

Fall Creek Woods Park

One big thing: The Fall Creek Woods Park is not closed for the next few months for private hunting.

The area is 80 acres of hiking, wildlife spotting, and soon a kayak/canoe launch. It’s owned and managed by Fall Creek Township. You can expect to see things like bald eagles, woodpeckers, beavers, deer, coyote, and much more.

The intrigue: When an official government post was made with no context, it did not take long for park lovers to speculate why. The common thought was for “private hunting”.

Turns out, that wasn’t the case. The park is closed for wildlife assessments and some new features. The park is quickly being surrounded by new development. And they want to figure out the best way to take care of the animal’s shrinking habitats.

Library board member resigns

Tiffanie Ditlevson, one of the newest 2024 City Council members, has resigned from her library board position. Effective immediately. Originally, she was going to go till the end of the year. But looks like plans change.

The Winzer Wonderland you won’t want to miss*

Daniel's xmas

I mean just look at it. How can this NOT be the merriest event of the season! Daniel’s Vineyard has transformed part of their vineyard Winter Wonderland, and it is magical ✨

There are festive decorations, eight holiday-inspired drinks, live entertainment, Christmas movies, random special themed events, and much more.

Whether you’re looking for a unique date night, a festive gathering with friends or just an excuse to indulge in some holiday magic – it’s the place to be

Our goal is to always make sure you’re informed and don’t miss the hot events. And this one is. Grab your tickets here.

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The Fishers Digest Holiday Giveaway

Alright. It’s time. Let’s get festive with some of our favorite brands. Are you a winner? Of course you are. You’re reading this newsletter.

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The Happenings

I have once again painstakingly tracked down where Santa Claus will be this week. You’ll find him at The Yard this Thursday from 6-8 pm at Sweetgreen. The fat man will unsurprisingly be decorating cookies, and you can join him if you want.

The Whoville Hideaway opens tonight at 4 pm! If you’re the person who watches any variation of the The Grinch during the holiday season this is the event for you. 21+ and the bookings go FAST. I am telling you — unless you want to wait hours show up at 4pm 💯

If you have never been, the Winterlights at Newfield’s are amazing. Highly recommend doing this if it’s in the budget.

Coming soon

🏃 💨 The Jingle Bell run at Conner Prairie happens this Saturday. Supports arthritis programs and you get to sweat in an elf, Santa, etc. costume. Sounds like a good time.

🎤 The HSE Choir team is performing their annual holiday show this Thursday and Friday. Get tickets here!

Bubba’s 33 is celebrating the end of prohibition this Thursday. Social gathering celebrating alcohol with cheaper than normal drinks and food!

Civil meetings

There are 3 meetings back-to-back-to-back this Wednesday at Launch Fishers.

The Plat committee meets at 4 pm. One item is on the agenda.

The PUD committee meets at 5 pm. Two items are on the agenda.

The Fishers Plan commission meets at 6 pm. Two items are on the agenda. If you want to learn more about the upcoming Community Center, this would be a good one to go to.

  • Re-zoning 25 acres for the upcoming 110,000 sq ft Community Center
  • Re-zoning of a previous home for office space for financial planner, Drive Planning. (This is right by the dentist office on 116th/Olio)
    • Mildy interesting is the design for the building has it facing a different direction than the other buildings around it.

💡What does re-zoning mean? It’s just what is allowed to be built on a lot. If something is zoned residential, you can only build homes there. Mixed-use can be residential and commercial. For Drive Planning, they are trying to build a commercial property on what was previously set for a home. They need to ask the city to change that.

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Weekly home market report sponsored by Rachel Quade

Call or text Rachel at 317-752-8278 to learn more.

Rapid Fire Hits

Sports recap 🏈

Geoff Esper is a name you should know. Why? He’s the man who defended his title as the world champ of St. Elmo Shrimp cocktail eating. He managed to eat over 16 pounds. A truly unbelievable achievement. Learn more about this yearly contest at the “major league eating” website.

🪙 Some devasting news: Bitcoin recently crossed $40k, which means the most annoying people in your life are rich again.

An Indiana man with warrants in 3 counties gets caught and locked up by Fishers PD.

One in five 3rd graders in Indiana are not proficient enough in reading to move on to the next grade.

Babe, wake-up Indianapolis is on the list for the top 2024 destinations by Airbnb.

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Construction This Week

Fishers Construction

Here’s a high-level overview of what’s new this week. Absolutely nothing new 🤠 So here’s a high fly of projects still going on:

  • SR 37/141st will be in a right-in right-out configuration until bids start ~April of 2024
  • 146th/Allisonville is still under construction and will be until Summer of 2025.
  • 106th/Hoosier Road roundabout is still on track for completion by the end of the year.

Now you shouldn’t have to. But if you want to, read the full report here.


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