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In today’s digest:

  • Remote controlled mower
  • Your 2024 predictions
  • New live music lists drop
  • Weekend preview

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The Digest

Lawncare pros… thoughts?

RC Mower

Hamilton County dropped their latest purchase on social media: An RC mower. This thing looks outrageous so you know we had to look it up. The people need more details. According to RC mowers, they’re for challenging terrain and heavy brush removal. It’s packin 1000 ft of range, and cameras to see where it’s going. You can watch a video of one in action here.

And hopefully you’re sitting down for this stat. Starting MSRP: $62k

2024 Farmers Market

One big thing: Vendor applications open up for the 2024 Farmer’s Market next Monday.

The market is meant to be an accelerator for local food entrepreneurs to grow new businesses. So if you already have a brick and mortar, chances are you won’t get approved. Other than that, the requirements are pretty straightforward. You will have until February 11th to submit your application here.

💭 This is a really unique way to validate your startup idea before going all in. The application and approval process alone will give good insight. The program requires previous vendors to submit their sales data, which means trends are being looked at to improve the market every year. If you get selected, your product probably aligns with that data. Hope this helps to anyone who is on the fence 💪

And if you’re craving going to a market, here are a few going on this winter.

2024 Predictions


Last week, I asked for your bold predictions going into 2024. You did not disappoint. Here’s a few good ones!

❯Zacc thinks the old O’Charleys by 116th/69 is prime real estate for Fishers first Chick-Fil-A

❯ Katherine is praying for someone to take over the old Fry’s building and turn it into a massive roller rink.

❯ Michael thinks the Indy Fuel will go undefeated once they start playing at the new event center. Now that is a bold prediction.

❯ Eva thinks this year will see the least amount of snow.

The Happenings

Weekend preview 📆

This month’s Storywalk can be found at Heritage Park until January 31st. The feature book is “Into the Snow”. Learn more.

If you didn’t find an RV under your Christmas Tree, let me intro you to the IndyRV expo. All weekend they will have 120k sq ft of pure, on-the-go living arrangements on display. Get tickets here.

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US. The APP Midwest Open is happening at Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield this weekend! Go out and watch amateurs, college teams, and professionals play. (link)

🎶 Live Music – Fishers

Jai Baker | Britton Tavern | 10 pm
Scotty Randolph & Jared Mank | Parks Place Pub | 8 pm
Dream Slice | Ale Emporium | 8:30 pm
DJ night | Daniel’s Vineyard | 7 pm

🎶 Live Music – Indy

We’re now going to be including the music going in Indy and around! Let me know if you like these lists by replying to this email or leaving feedback below 💯

Robin Raps Presents: Garden Party Pt.4 | HI-FI Indianapolis | 8 pm
Dance Night w/Brenda | 8 Seconds Saloon
Nuckleheads | Ale Emporium (Indy) | 8:30 pm
Dj Action Jackson | Tin Roof | 5 pm
The Champagne | Tin Roof | 10:30 pm
Biscuit Junction | Melody Inn | 7 pm
Lusso, Phyllis, Champaign | Melody Inn | 9 pm
Paradise city | That Place Bar & Grill | 10 pm
Dark Moon Hollow w/ Cicada Creek | The Mousetrap
Reggie Bishop + Friends | The Jazz Kitchen | 7 pm & 9:30 pm
Gordo Loco! | Black Circle Music Bar | 7 pm
Cassius Goens | Chatterbox Jazz Club | 9:30 pm
2 Phase/ Westside/ Knowledge/ Colion Made The Beat/ YXKA1 | Healer | 7 pm
Spanky’s | Mikie’s Pub | 10 pm

Dixon’s Violin | HI-FI Indianapolis | 8 pm
Dance Night | 8 Seconds Saloon
Pom Teddy | Tin Roof | 3 pm
DJ Annie D | Tin Roof | 7 pm
The Champagne | Tin Roof |1 0:30 pm
Punk Rock Night | Melody Inn | 7pm
Wyatt Massingille | That Place Bar & Grill | 10 pm
Inspire Music Collective Presents: The Resolution | Mousetrap | 9 pm
VocalEase – Soul Edition | The Jazz Kitchen | 7 pm & 9:30 pm
Poisoned Breath | Black Circle Music Bar | 6:55 pm
The BMV, Mindfully Blind, Tastefull, Fox Body | Hoosier Dome | 7 pm
Wade Baker | Chatterbox Jazz Club | 9:30 pm
Pan-African Celebration Party | Jamaican Breeze | 7 pm
Ellis Gold/ DJ Lionsuit | Healer | 7 pm
Nelda Hustler | Mikie’s Pub | 9:30 pm

Dj Trilli | Tin Roof | 9 pm
Milo, State Retro, Liv Lafluv | Melody Inn | 7 pm
Acoustic Bluegrass Open Jam | The Mousetrap | 8 pm
Frank Smith Quartet | The Jazz Kitchen | 7 pm
The Sunday Show! | Black Circle Music Bar | 8 pm
Jesse Whitman | Chatterbox Jazz Club | 9:30 pm
ULNA/ Perfect Angel At Heaven / Spectrum in Cobalt | Healer | 7 pm


Pacers vs. Hawks | Gainbridge Fieldhouse | Friday 7 pm
Pacers vs. Celtics | Gainbridge Fieldhouse | Saturday 7 pm
Colts vs. Houston Texans | Lucas Oil Stadium | Saturday 8:15 pm

The Colts are facing a must win game tomorrow if they want to make the playoffs.

Rapid Fire Hits

Quick headlines and things to know from all around 🌐

Whoever runs the Fishers Fire Department social media needs a raise. Their page is absolutely hilarious with great reminders and info. They’re also on a hiring spree and you don’t need to have any experience. Check out their page here.

👻 The Mansion Society coffee shop is in an old psychiatric hospital. And it’s haunted. The owners believe it, and locals believe it. Everything from strange pet behavior to a general “creepy” feeling just being there. (link)

🔄 Indiana lawmakers #1 goal this year: No controversial educational policies. Top priorities include improving third-grade literacy, addressing students not showing up, career programs, restricting cell phone usage in classrooms, and cracking down on antisemitism by passing legislation to define and combat it. (link)* This may require a subscription to read.

Weekly recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most last week 🏆️

  • How the restaurant grading system works (link)
  • Number 2 safest city in America (link)
  • Fishers government site got a facelift (link)
  • Fishers community garden sign-ups (link)
  • Carmel planning $13m Monon expansion (link)*

*Article may require a subscription to read.

Local business

Pacers 🤝 Spokenote

pacers spokenote

The Pacers teamed up with Spokenote to put QR code patches on their jerseys. Spokenote is a Fishers-based startup that lets you put a video on a QR code. It’s a neat concept for personalizing things. The Pacers plan to use them on their jerseys to offer exclusive content.

The Pacers are the first major professional sports team in the US to debut QR code on a jersey. That’s hype!


Check out Luke Cathcart, the independent insurance agent who works for you. By working with many different carriers, he’s able to get you the best rate for you and your family. (link)* This is a sponsored listing.


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