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Good Wednesday morning. This is Fishers Digest, where we analyze Fishers news with the precision of a laser-guided butter knife. (do NOT ask how we got it)

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In today’s digest:

  • Superintendent departure
  • Verizon 5G troubles
  • Events
  • An extras section

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The Digest

Sudden departure

One big thing: HSE’s current Superintendent, Dr. Yvonne Stokes, is resigning in the middle of her term… and a separation agreement is on the table.

Woah. This announcement comes out of nowhere. Rumors are rampant on social media. Her departure is on Wednesday’s 7 a.m. special school board meeting agenda — and it’s being live-streamed here. Here’s the details:

  • The board will vote to accept her resignation and separation agreement.
  • It’s worth noting that Dr. Stokes’ contract was supposed to run through the entire school year.
  • Matt Kegley, the Assistant Superintendent, appears primed to take over in the interim. His contract is also on the agenda.

Stay tuned for more updates. We might send an additional update email if it’s not something that can wait until Friday’s issue.

Your minutes are up, Verizon 📱

Photo of 5G tower in Fishers. Credit to the City of Fishers

One big thing: Someone call Verizon. Fishers is revoking Verizon’s right-of-way to build 5G towers in our neighborhoods (their permits are expiring).

Verizon must not have paid the phone bill because they aren’t communicating. Construction right-of-way for 5G towers (like the one pictured above) were given to Verizon by the City of Fishers. Quite a few of their permits have expired. However, there are still many other permits that haven’t. You can view a map of the active permits here.

There’s more, very detailed info available on the government website. Including articles like “Is 5G safe?” 🤣

Slow down

Heads up. The 25 mph speed limit on 116th St from Commercial Drive will be expanded west to Holland Drive. Not that anyone was actually going the speed limit in this area.

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The Happenings

Couples painting

Channel your inner Bob Ross and paint some happy little Monstera leafs. Each person in a group will paint one-half of the design. Or you can come do the whole thing yourself 😎 Either way, wine, beer, and more will be served.

🎟️ Boho Monstera Leaf – Couples Painting | Wednesday, Sept 13 | 6 – 9 pm | Mashcraft Fishers

Park rangers

Flat Fork Park, Billericay Park, Holland Park, and Geist Waterfront Park. All have something in common. Other than all being parks 😂 They’re looking for a champion — a steward even. The Fishers Parks Steward program is a monthly opportunity to care for the parks you love. Fishers will provide all the tools you need.

Food Pantry

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, the Grace Care Center runs its mobile food pantry in Fishers. It’s held at Northview Church and is open for both volunteers and reservations to be served.

Business events 💼

H7 Networking

I had the pleasure of going to an H7 networking event a few weeks ago. There was BBQ, cornhole, door prizes, and great conversation with Fishers professionals. Visitors are welcome.

Coffee & Conversation

This is another good one if you’re looking to expand your network. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur. Launch Fishers provides coffee, doughnuts, and a setting to connect and meet with local business owners and professionals. Happens every 2nd Thursday of the month.

Have an event, live music, or similar coming up? Email us to get featured here.

Outside Fishers

A cookbook for one of the Greatest of All Time board games was released yesterday. Catan. And yes, they’re real recipes, according to the editor. Make your group a Robbers Discard Delight while you gleefully steal their cards.

What other classics deserve their own cookbook? I’ll start. Monopoly.

A Catan group in Fishers goes to different breweries to play on Sundays. Learn more here.

$25b merger

Kroger wants to merge with Albertson’s for $26b. The outlined deal has Kroger’s CEO running the newly formed super-grocer. What’s interesting about the deal is they’re abandoning over 400 stores throughout the US. Indiana is 1 of 2 states not affected by these store closures.


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