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In today’s digest:

  • E. coli in Geist
  • Rain gardens
  • Construction updates

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The Digest

🦠Six times the limit


One big thing: E. coli near Geist Waterfront Park is six times higher than acceptable limits (set by the EPA).

If you’ve lived here a while, you know Geist isn’t a stranger to E. coli. If you didn’t know this, sorry to break it to you. The boat ramp across the street from the new waterfront park did not test well ~ten days ago 😷 Fishers say they will prohibit swimming in the area when a test fails. This could explain why the beach was closed all weekend, a week before it will close for the season.

In other news: The park will become free to non-residents after Labor Day this weekend. The initial $50 fee was intended for peak season hours. The city says they will evaluate it going forward.

The Happenings

Rain makes corn 🌽 

And it makes rain gardens, which are great for cleaning rainwater that flows through roofs, driveways, and most man-made things. Fishers is asking volunteers to help run these gardens.

This is a cool alternative to traditional community garden programs the city runs.

Devour Fishers

Excited Winnie The Pooh GIF

DevourIndy is arguably the BEST time to go out. You get bang for your buck in a three-course meal at top restaurants. What’s not to love? This is the last week of Summerfest. Here’s the list for Fishers if you want to support local:

  • 101 Beer Kitchen
  • 1933 by St. Elmo
  • HC Tavern + Kitchen
  • Peterson’s
  • Sangiovese
  • Slapfish
  • Tijuana Flats

For a complete list of the 100 restaurants participating, check out devourindy.com.

Have an event, live music, or similar coming up? Email us to get featured here.

📣 Calling all entrepreneurs

The largest innovation conference in Indiana starts tomorrow! Keynote speakers like Peyton Manning, “Magic” Johnson, and even Mayor Scott Fadness will be there. This is not a conference to miss if you are in the tech industry.

This is not sponsored. We’ll always tell you when something is sponsored.

Construction this week

Fishers Construction

The big thing for this week is a ton of construction on/around 106th Street.

  • On August 30th, 106th Street and Hoosier Road will be closed for 60 days. They are building a roundabout
  • Trail restrictions on 106th Street from Allisonville Road to Hague Road
  • Lane restrictions on 106th St from Allisonville Rd and Sherbourne Rd
  • Metro Airport at 106th Street & Allisonville Road will have random closures for sewer work

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