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🌧️ Today’s weather: Scattered showers, with a high near 76°. Unfortunately, most of the weekend is going to end up rainy and cold.

In today’s digest:

  • A Zero-proof lounge
  • What the Hy-vee
  • Weekend preview

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The Digest

HSE budget pass

Budget season is coming to a close. HSE Schools passed their $300m budget proposal for 2024 with a 5-2 vote.

If you want to see the breakdown of how they got to that number, you can check it out here. If that doesn’t work, you can try going through here to the board docs website. For some reason, they have issues with letting us link out to documents.

Why it matters: In less than two weeks, regular voting will open up. One item on the ballot is a Yes or No vote to an operating referendum for the school. It would add an additional $26m to their budget, and an additional property tax for the next eight years.

Arts and culture

One big thing: Applications are open for grants up to $7,500.

Everything from art events, murals, cultural events, and more are eligible. Here’s the winners of the past year’s grant to get an idea of what does get funded:

  • Emerging Pearls Foundation ($7,500)
  • Fishers Arts Council ($7,500)
  • The Forgiving Sea Project ($7,500)
  • St. George Middle Eastern Festival ($6,500)
  • Shelley Feeney, Artist and Art Educator ($5,750)
  • 31Svn Dance Academy ($4,000)
  • Fishers Music Works ($4,000)
  • Resounding Joy ($4,000)
  • Shaunt’e Lewis Art LLC ($4,000)

If you have an idea or proposal, you can apply here.

Local Business

First Internet Bank

You know the tallest building with the huge sign that says “First Internet Bank” in downtown Fishers? That’s their headquarters (even though they’re a 100% online bank). They posted their Q3 earnings and exceeded expectations in earnings per share. At their headquarters, they rent out some retail space. Speaking of…

Memento Zero Proof is opening up this weekend at… the First Internet Bank building. They are the FIRST alcohol-free cocktail and coffee bar in the state of Indiana. Bang. Add it to the list of things Fishers has been a first for. This will 100% be the place to be for a stigma-free social experience.

Their grand opening is from 10 am to midnight Saturday. Enjoy classics and seasonals (I’ll be having the Butter beer). After 8 pm it will be 18+.


What is it? Hy-vee, a midwestern grocery store. AKA a real Kroger competitor.

Where will it be? By the Southeastern Parkway/Olio Road roundabout.

When will it be built? Hopefully Summer of 2024.

The answer everyone is looking for: The city is waiting for Hy-Vee to make some revisions before they allow them to start building. It is unknown when Hy-Vee will submit the revisions Fishers is asking for.

💭Thought bubble: Hy-Vee has been teasing us with the idea of a real Kroger competitor for over a year now. The land itself was purchased in February of this year and all they’ve done is move some dirt.

Roadwork update: Contrary to rumor, the roundabout’s upgrade is NOT holding up the store’s construction. However, there will be construction to update the roundabout in early-mid 2024.

And hey, Zionsville is in the same boat waiting for their Hy-Vee.

Shoutout to Breanna King with the City of Fishers for helping make this update happen🤘

The Happenings

Halloweekend preview

Whether you have little ghosts or haunt alone, we’ve got you covered for the upcoming Halloweekend. Check out our guide here, there’s something for everyone and we cover a bit outside Fishers too. But here’s what you need to know:

➡️ If you’re looking for adult activities, most bars are having some type of costume contest or Halloween-themed music event.

➡️ Every city on the north side is having some type of Halloween event. Check out our guide or risk it all and show up places whenever you feel like it

🐈‍⬛ In some cultures, black animals are actually considered good luck. But their adoption rate, especially in October, is one of the lowest. This is the last week to adopt a black dog or orange cat at the Humane Society for their Hocus Pocus promo. Just remember that only mortals are allowed to adopt.

🎶 Live Music

Andrew Young | Britton Tavern | 10 pm
Dave & Rae | Parks Place Pub | 8 pm
Steel Petals featuring Tim Wright | Wolfies (Geist)
Jai Baker | Ale Emporium | 8:30 pm

Aimee Eisenmann Duo | Daniel’s Vineyard | 11 am
Brad McCord | Daniel’s Vineyard | 1 pm
BIG 80’S | Britton Tavern | 10 pm
Janeways | Ale Emporium | 8:30 pm
Karaoke | Mashcraft | 7 pm

Brian Fields | Daniel’s Vineyard | 1 pm

➡️ Have an event, live music, or similar coming up? Email us to get featured here. ⬅️

Game Corner 🎰

Weekly recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most this week:

  • Season tickets for new football and Fuel games
  • Referendum info for all schools in Indiana
  • Pumpkin chuckin’ event
  • Map of food grades in Fishers
  • Fishers wins AWS award

Quiz time!

Another week, another quiz! Answer the questions to see how well you’ve retained Fishers Digest this week.

  1. How many businesses have a Grade A food report card?
  2. True or False: Olive Garden is the fastest-growing restaurant chain in America.
  3. When will construction start again for SR37/141st Street?
  4. What is the number one issue shared by residents when polled by the city?
  5. What is the name of the new IFL team?

Answers at the bottom.

Quick Hits

If you’re listing a haunted house, Indiana law doesn’t require you to disclose it. As a buyer, you can get around this. Just ask the seller point blank!

If you search for Halloween weekend in Google, spooky ghosts will invade your computer screen.

Creep-o-meter report from Mozilla is the latest industry report on just how bad privacy standards are today. Run through their privacy quiz to see how bad your daily life is. There are hundreds of hours of research into everyday products, including your car (the worst). Here’s a stat to sleep with — 84% of cars share or outright sell your data. And you agreed to it.


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If you found something useful, please share this with someone who will be participating in Halloweekend.

Answer key

  1. How many businesses have a Grade A food report card? 294
  2. True or False: Olive Garden is the fastest-growing restaurant chain in America. False. Texas Roadhouse is. Olive Garden is top 5 though.
  3. When will construction start again for SR37/141st Street? Bids start April 2024
  4. What is the number one issue shared by residents when polled by the city? Walkability
  5. What is the name of the new IFL team? Trick question. It’s still up in the air 😉

How’d you do? Leave some feedback if you got all five right so I can congratulate you 👏

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