Fortville and Fishers want to annex the same land

The Fortville Town Council met on July 1st and discussed their plans to annex the same areas Fishers is looking to. They plan to engage the City of Fishers to see what their plans are and Fortville’s options to annex it themselves.

An image of the land that both Fishers and Fortville want.

Two weeks ago, the City of Fishers sent annexation plan letters to residents around Flat Fork Creek Park and the Fishers AgriPark, detailing six upcoming meetings that would casually inform them how they plan to annex them into Fishers.

For the past few years, homes being built here have been signing non-remonstrates. There are about 950 pieces of land and about 75 percent of them have signed these non-remonstrate agreements.

Now the Town of Fortville also wants to annex parts of the same and that Fishers plans to annex over the next few months.

In their Town Council meeting on July 1st, they revealed that their March 2023 comprehensive growth plans included some of the neighborhoods in Fishers’ annexation plan.

Fortville Town Council Meeting. Hit play to listen to the discussion.

The area in question is unincorporated Hamilton County, and the City of Fishers has been working to bring this land in for a few years. In Fortville’s case, it’s very uncommon for a town or city to try and annex land from another county. But state law says that Fortville does have a right to try and annex the land if they get permission from Hamilton County Commissioners.

Importantly, the school district will stay HSE. Regardless of whether the area becomes Fishers or Fortville.

Images showing the boundaries both Fishers and Fortville want for their growth plans

The boundary map showing Fortville's plans from 2023 to annex parts of unincorporated Hamilton County
The boundary map showing Fortville’s plans from 2023 to annex parts of unincorporated Hamilton County
An image showing the annexation of Fortville into Fishers

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