Gray Eagle Coming for Top Golf

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One big thing: Gray Eagle is coming for Top Golf

The Fishers Plan Commission is meeting this Wednesday, August 2nd. 

One item on the agenda is a favorable recommendation to City Council (meeting on August 21st) to approve the following for Gray Eagle Golf Course:

  • A new building & restaurant
  • A barrier netting system
  • New lighting system

Why it matters

This project aims to modernize the Gray Eagle golf course. This includes a new, improved clubhouse and Top Golf style hitting bays with a multi-level bar. 

It will significantly alter what the area looks like today.

Breaking it down

The barrier netting system proposed would be 160 feet tall with large nets and support poles. 

If you need help imagining this — that’s half the size of the Statue of Liberty!

The Top Golf in Fisher’s nets are 150 feet tall. You can drive past via I-69 or 116th Street to see how tall that is (it will likely look just like that).

Out of the multiple HOA meetings held this month, only one public comment has been submitted

“I feel the height of the nets at 150 feet is not appropriate for the residential area.“

The new building and restaurant will feature ~22 hitting bays, where golfers can drive balls into the mentioned 160-foot net.

It is currently unclear if this will be an improved driving range or a gamified way of playing similar to Top Golf.

The proposal also includes approved architecture for a brand new clubhouse — something the course desperately needs. 

The competition

It’s hard to blame Gray Eagle for attempting to modernize its facility. 

They’re competing with more and more sports complexes and facilities, fighting for Fishers residents’ attention. 

  • With Pickleball exploding in popularity, a Chicken n Pickle is being built by IKEA with an expected completion date of Spring 2024. 
  • A basketball facility, IndyHoops, is going through the PUD committee for a massive facility featuring numerous volleyball and basketball courts. 
  • And, of course, Top Golf on 116th is a significant attraction in Fishers. Complete with their listing on the Visit Hamilton County website.

If you want to submit your comments before the meeting, you can do so here

You can also live stream the meeting here

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