Hamilton County Court Texts

The Hamilton County court system is testing a system that texts you about your upcoming court dates, so you don’t forget.

An image of the Hamilton County Courthouse

The following is a press release provided by Hamilton County

(NOBLESVILLE, JUNE 17, 2024) – Hamilton County Courts have joined a pilot program spearheaded by the Indiana Supreme Court’s Office of Court Technology, aimed at enhancing communication and reducing failures to appear in court. The program sends text message reminders to petitioners and respondents in divorce, paternity, and other family cases.

“We believe this initiative will help people stay informed about their court dates and understand what is happening at the courthouse,” says Circuit Court Judge Andrew Bloch. “We’ve already seen a drop in failures to appear for eviction hearings due to a similar text reminder program, and we’re hopeful this will have a positive impact on family cases as well.”

Participants receive text reminders about upcoming court hearings if they provide a cell phone number in their party record with the Court. Reminders are dispatched in the evenings, five days and one day before the scheduled hearing. Additionally, if a hearing is canceled or rescheduled within five days of the hearing date, a text notification is sent to update the involved parties.

“It’s similar to the reminders we get for dental appointments or prescription refills,” adds Judge Bloch. “People move frequently, and email notifications can often be overlooked, but cell phone numbers often stay the same. This program ensures that critical information about court dates reaches folks directly.”

Hamilton County began implementing this text reminder system a month ago and is currently assessing its effectiveness. Residents interested in participating are encouraged to update their cell phone numbers with the Clerk’s office. The service is voluntary, and parties can opt out at any time.

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