How Fishers Restaurant Grades Work

report cards
report cards

When it comes to food safety Fishers, Indiana takes it seriously. The Food and Health Department (FHD) conducts inspections based on the 2004 Indiana Retail Establishment Sanitation Requirements Title 410 IAC 7-24. Understanding the inspection process and how violations are graded can help you make informed decisions about where you choose to dine or purchase food. 

Read on to learn more and access the Fishers restaurant dashboard.

The Three Categories of Violations

Violations identified during inspections are classified into three categories: Priority, Priority Foundation, and Core violations. Each category has a different point value based on the health risk it poses to the public:  

  • Priority: These violations directly contribute to hazards associated with foodborne illnesses or injuries and are assigned 5 points each. 
  • Priority Foundation: These violations support or enable Priority violations and are assigned 3 points each. 
  • Core: These violations typically relate to general sanitation, operational controls, facilities, or equipment and are assigned 2 points each. 

How Restaurants are Graded

Based on the total points deducted during an inspection, establishments receive grades that reflect their compliance with applicable rules and regulations:  

These grades are indicators of how well the establishments adhere to the rules when it comes to food safety. 

  • Grade A: 81 to 100 points, indicating exceptional compliance 
  • Grade B: 71 to 80 points, indicating acceptable compliance 
  • Grade C: 61 to 70 points, meeting minimum requirements 
  • Temporarily Closed: Less than or equal to 60 points or imminent health hazard. An establishment will reopen once all priority violations are corrected and health hazards are eliminated. 


Where can I view the Fishers restaurants dashboard?

You can view the dashboard by clicking this link.

Does Fishers have its own Health Department?

Yes! Fishers is one of three cities in the state who have their own. It was founded in 2020 during COVID, when the current Mayor Fadness saw a need to help keep the city running.

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