K-8 are no longer allowed at HSE school events without adult supervision.

HSE Schools sent a message to parents Tuesday that changes school policy.  If you have a student in grades K-8 who wants to attend a high school HSE event, someone 18+ must be there.

Here is the full statement sent:

Football season is upon us, and we love having the support of our school community cheering from the sidelines underneath the #FridayNightLights.  

To increase safety at our high school sporting events this year, students in grades K-8 must now be accompanied and supervised by an adult (aged 18+) to enter the event. This change in practice is due in part to an uptick in incidences involving unsupervised K-8 students. 

Although we want student participation at our home games, students without an adult will not be admitted.  

These changes are effective immediately and will be enforced at the upcoming Royals vs. Avon football game on Friday, September 1, 2023.  

We appreciate in advance the support of our students, parents, and community. We understand this change in practice may interrupt normal plans for event attendance, but we want to ensure that all attendees have an enjoyable and safe experience.  

We wish our FHS Tigers and HSE Royals the best of luck in this year’s sporting events.  

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