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PLUS: lights, marsh announcements, and your construction report


Good Tuesday Morning. This is Fishers Digest. We are less than 2 weeks away from the 500. Here’s our do/don’t list:

Wear sunscreenBring spray sunscreen. Only lotion is allowed 👍️
Bring waterForget to bring water. Seriously!
Get there early. 6-7 a.m. ideallyExpect traffic to be reasonable
Buy your beer on Saturday 🍺Try to pick someone up within 2 miles of the track after the race

In today’s digest:

  • Miss the northern lights?
  • Country → Olympics
  • Two big “Marsh” announcements!!
  • Construction report

— Written by Lindsey Watson and Skyler Braun

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The Digest

Did you see the Northern Lights? 🌌

Usually you have to pay $ and plan a trip to go see the Northern Lights. Not us. Thanks to some geomagnetic storms, the Northern Lights were pushed our direction. And the results were amazing.

Check out the amazing photos the Holcomb Observatory and Planetorium took on Friday evening.

Ever seen a pool in Lucas Oil? 📈

One weekend it’s a George Strait venue, the next it’s a pool. Lucas Oil Stadium has begun its transformation into a natatorium for the U.S. Olympic swim trials taking place June 15-23.

This is the hilarious part: They are going to fill the pools with 860,000 gallons of water using fire trucks 😂

Add these upcoming trial events to your calendar: an Aqua Zone fan fest, a Parisian theme in the central canal walk and a U.S.A. themed show at Monument Circle for all nine nights of the trial.

This is what the banners in Downtown Fishers are for:

Banners in Fishers

If you walk around downtown Fishers and look up, you’ll see banners honoring veterans. It’s part of a Fishers Honors program. Anyone can apply for one on behalf of a veteran or active duty service member. They change twice yearly on:

  • Memorial Day
  • Veteran’s Day

The light pole banners are free of charge and paid for by the city. You can also buy an engraved paver, but that one’s on you. But you will get the benefit of having a permanent addition to Fishers. If you do apply, the banner or paver will be changed for Veteran’s Day later this year.

📆You can join the City of Fishers on Monday, May 27 at 10 a.m. at the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater to honor service men and women.

List ➡️ Pending in Two Days*


The best homes in Fishers aren’t on the market for long. They’re long gone before app scrollers or casual buyers see them. Especially when inventory is so low.

Like this home at 13496 Mosaic Street in Britton Falls by Del Webb. This home is unique from its neighbors with its custom extension for both the home AND garage. The new owners will enjoy extra square footage great for living space or entertaining friends. And of course being in Del Webb there’s an opportunity to be as involved or uninvolved in local activities as you want. 

If you feel like you missed out on this one, why not try connecting with Kelly Dather’s real estate team? You can contact him at The Kelly Dather Real Estate Group | KW Indy Metro Northeast | Fishers, IN | 317-496-9308

The Happenings

Happy 23rd birthday to crack donuts 🍰

For the 3rd year in a row, the The Cinnamon Caramel donut was crowned America’s “Fan Favorite” in America’s Greatest Donut contest. I’m not sure it’s possible to overstate the magnitude of this. Beating out places in LA, Dallas, and Chicago for this prestigious award.

And just in time for their bday too! Rise‘n Roll will be celebrating their 23rd birthday this Saturday! Visit to score some swag and perhaps try their award winning donut.

Interesting fact: the first Rise‘n Roll location in Middlebury, Indiana made their donuts without modern baking comforts, like ya know, electricity or refrigeration. Mixing, sheeting, and prep was done entirely by hand! 😮 Talk about baking with love.

Practice Day 🎟️

The roar of Indy Cars are coming to life today, tomorrow, and Thursday for practice day.

Enjoy watching cars casually going 230+mph for just $20. Pro tip: this is a great time to invite someone for a business meeting/outing without the chaos of the 500.

How bout them Pacers? 🏀

An image of the Pacers vs Knicks Game 4 score 2024

Since we posted about the Pacers needing our help last Friday, they have won back-to-back games. Coincidence? I think not. They play the Knicks tonight in New York for Game 5. Winner of tonight’s game will be up in the best of seven series at 3-2.

And if all goes well, they’ll be back in Indiana this Friday to close out the series in game 6.

3 on 3 🛰️ 🎨

Speaking of bball, it’s not too late to sign up for the 3 on 3 basketball tournament at Brooks School Park this Saturday. Gary Harris and Nekoda Witsken will be unveiling their space-themed basketball court murals.

Not feelin’ the full court press? Shoot your shot in the 3-Point Contest. Whether you’re 8 or 80, it’s $15 to show Fishers what you’ve got from downtown.

🎭️ Two Four-show Tuesday

Your two weekly shows:

> Wanda Sykes, Please and Thank You show at Clowes Memorial Hall this Thursday.

> Little Shop of Horrors at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. This is the final weekend to see this one!

Bonus: One of the longest running Broadway shows, Wicked, announced it’s coming to Indianapolis in 2025. Sign up for when tickets go on sale.

Bonus 2: The Fishers Community Choir is inviting you to their spring concert at the Hub and Spoke building next Tuesday at 7 pm.

Civil Meetings

The Board of Public Safety meets today at 9 a.m. at the City Services Building (12175 Visionary Way).

The Fishers Armed Services Commission meets today at 4 p.m. at 10 Municipal Drive. No agenda posted.

The Non Profit Grant Committee meets Thursday at 10 a.m. at 1 Municipal Drive. No agenda posted.

Local Business

What’s going in at the old Marsh on 116th/Olio?

It’s going to become a pickleball facility. Who had that on their bingo card?

The other Marsh’s around the city have been converted over the years now, so it’s nice to see this one happening soon. And speaking of….

Grand opening for H/H Fieldhouse announced

On May 25, the old Marsh on 96th street will be the new home of H/H Fieldhouse. And we can maybe stop calling it a Marsh.

H/H Fieldhouse will be a 125,000 square-foot state of the art basketball gym. View their different packages here.

HH Fieldhouse Marsh Fishers Indiana

These are the best restaurants in Indianapolis

Eater is a well-respected publication that… reviews food. Hah. It’s not authoritative, but there’s a great chance going to any place they recommend will be a good time 👍️ In Indiana, it’s been almost 6 years since they made an update.

And they came out swinging. Three restaurants on the list have a Fishers location:

Congrats! And there’s 35 more to check out:

Eater Indiana List image

How to Observe National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

2 out of 5 Americans say biscuits go well with a meal at any time of the day. I am one of those people. Here’s two places to enjoy a biscuit to celebrate:

  • Big Bear Biscuits
  • Cracker Barrel (obviously, + free)

And of course, don’t forget Vicious Biscuits is coming to Fishers.

Rapid Fire Hits

Quick headlines and things to know from all around 🌐

In an interview with the IBJ, the mayor is hopeful that Geist Waterfront Park just needs more time to catch on. He shares if it wasn’t for this park, it would have been homes instead. (IBJ)

Tree pollen season is almost over. To keep up with what allergy levels are like, check out this tool. (Pollen)

You can now read Fishers Digest in your favorite RSS reader 🎉 I recommend only clicking this if you use one! (RSS)

Why do drivers drink milk after winning the Indy 500? Find out this and more from Lindsey here at (Fishers Digest).

If you feels like you’re always driving in circles, you might be. Fishers has 22 roundabouts (but that number will be up to 32 by 2040). (IndyStar)

Construction This Week

Fishers Construction Logo

Here’s a high-level. If you’re new here, these are only recent changes to the weekly reports Fishers sends out.

  • Sky will update later, am tired

View all our Fishers Construction Updates here.


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