Mural View will be Altered by Fishers Cafe Patachou

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The City of Fishers has approved a site plan for Fishers Cafe Patachou. This will change the current view of the new Fishers mural driving eastbound on 116th Street. 

The mural, which is just over a month old, was painted by local artists Wilkinson Brothers, and sponsored by CRG Residential Founder and CEO Christopher Reid and family. The mural is painted on a CRG-owned building.

Why it matters

The build completion of Cafe Patachou will alter the clear view of the mural currently enjoyed while driving east on 116th.

The development will block roughly half of the new Fishers mural while driving once completed.

The review committee voted unanimously in favor of the development and placement. 

Larry in Fishers first reported the alteration of the view, a participant in the meeting.

Go Deeper

The Nickel Plate Review Committee of the City of Fishers meets monthly to evaluate proposed projects within the district, and the Fishers website maintains a record of all these meetings.

Going into the June meeting with CRG Residential and DELV Design, the agenda aimed to approve the site plan and architecture of Cafe Patachou. 

The subject site lies north of 116th Street and east of the Nickel Plate trail.

CRG Residential supplied renderings of the new Cafe and other requests, such as material use.

City Council President Selina Stoller confirmed that the mural would remain visible, and all approved the motion.

Go deeper with the recorded meeting minutes here.

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