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In today’s digest:

  • HSE superintendent

  • HamCo market

  • Food bot

  • Live music lists

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The Digest

And the new superintendent is..


Sorry, the title is a bait. I don’t know. No one does. Except the board. But here’s the where the HSE superintendent search is🔍

  • The board narrowed one person down from a pool of applicants a few weeks ago.

  • Early next week, the details of the contract will be announced. It won’t include who the person is yet.

  • After a public review meeting, the next board meeting will have a vote to vote them in. That could be the one in February, or in March.

📆 The next board meeting is on Valentine’s Day at 6 pm at 13485 Cumberland Rd. That link will also take you to where you’ll find the contract, once it’s announced.

HamCo Market Forecast

A group of very smart people from all across Hamilton County got together and put together a market report for the county. It looks all the way to 2030 for trends, growth, and much more.

Spoiler: The data has tones of “Hamilton County is mostly better than everyone else in the country in and we have data to prove it”. Here’s a few fun stats from it.

  • The fastest growing sector by % is Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services at 13% growth by 2030 (p. 42)

  • 15,700 workers will be needed from outside Hamilton County to fuel the expected growth by 2030 (p. 85)

  • Home health/personal care, cooks, and fast-food counter workers are the largest growing occupation (p. 58)

  • All schools are doing well. See the below graphic for their grades:


🎨 Save Money. Save Time. Save Stress.*

Spray-Net Before and After

Admit it. You’ve scrolled home remodel TikTok and thought “oh, I want that”. But as soon as you start getting into remodeling cost… nope.

Rodney at Spray-Net wants to help change that. His company can help you transform your kitchen at a fraction of the cost using paint. I mean come on, just look at the before and after. With his expertise, your Fishers home will have a new lease on life. And all it takes is a little paint 🎨

And if you cook in your kitchen, you need products that are engineered to handle high usage. Spray-Net uses proprietary cabinet coatings and offers a 15-year warranty on their paint. That’s peace of mind to enjoy your new kitchen.

For a limited time, Rodney has offered Fishers Digest readers 10% off any kitchen cabinet project completed by March. For my husband readers – talk about a great Valentine’s gift.

Contact Rodney today for a free consultation.

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The Happenings

Weekend preview 📆

🧊 Veal’s Ice Tree is still holding strong! The Veal family ice engineers are so good that it’s withstood a week of warm temps and rain. It’s free to visit at 6445 Mimosa Lane from 8 am to 10 pm. This is a must see no matter your age! It’s truly amazing. (link)

> Calling anything the “the most successful American play in Broadway history” is a big talk. The play the New York Times is referencing is “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The adaption is happening at Butler this weekend. There are multiple shows throughout the weekend. Tickets here.

🏀 Donkey Basketball is exactly what it sounds like. Basketball while riding a donkey. I’m sure there’s more to it, but that should get you in the door. Happens tonight at HSE at 7 pm. Supports the HSEHS FFA. Tickets here.

> It’s the weekend! Which means Devour Indy time. Use our online guide to all the restaurants in Fishers. And if you have ChatGPT+, you can use the food bot I made. It knows every restaurant’s menu, prices, locations, and more. Craving something with eggs in it? IT KNOWS! Try it here. Free version coming soon that will have more restaurants. Let me know which I should add first.

> Conner Prairie’s first annual Winter on the Prairie is open today through March. There are too many events going on throughout the day to list here. So check out their site and purchase tickets here.

> Live music lists have been moved to the bottom of this email due to size!

Rapid Fire Hits

Quick headlines and things to know from all around 🌐

📚️ The library has a new website. Websites of these scale are a huge undertaking, and the furniture is still being moved around. This is their new website link.

📱 If you’re an iPhone user, update your phone! The latest release of iOS unlocks a “stolen device protection”. It will make it very hard for someone to do something to your phone (like unlocking it, reading messages, etc) if it gets stolen. You can learn more here.

The Cheeney Creek Trail parking lot is getting revamped. If you’ve ever parked there on 106th street, you know it can be a little sketchy. Unfortunately, trees are going to have to be cleared for a safer parking lot to exist. (link)

Indiana is a top 10 state for remote working. This isn’t too surprising. With a relatively low cost of living + getting coastal wages = profit. (link)

In 1999, the NSA banned Furbys from their office. They were believed to be a threat because they listen and learn from speech patterns. The internal documents and memos around it just dropped. It’s really hard to read this and not smile or laugh 😂 (link)

Weekly recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most last week 🏆️

  • Devour Indy – The Complete Fishers Guide (link)

  • Veal’s Ice Tree (link)

  • Snow districts in Fishers (link)

  • Comedian roasts Carmel (link)

  • Last weekend’s psychic fair details (link) – loling at this one. It totally surprised me making top 5 this week.

Local Business

Build your network


The OneZone Chamber of Commerce is the local chamber for Hamilton County. It’s a way for business owners and professionals to connect, talk business, and work with the community. It’s an amazing way to build your network of people.

They are currently hiring for a part-time executive assistant. You will work directly to the President, Jack. There’s a lot to say but just know Jack is awesome. Learn more about the hours and skills here.

Noblesville Creates art exhibits

Noblesville creates has a few art exhibits out in the wild. One is “MY INDIANA” by Craig Mullins which is at Four Day Ray. There are 10 pieces to see. I have to say… the Herd Boss is epic.

The second is All Together by 8th Street Artists. You’ll find this exhibit at Meyer Najem (11787 Lantern Road) on their second-floor gallery.

Learn more about the exhibits here.


The Mommy

The Mommy is one of our sponsored partners. They bring you your 5-minute daily dose of mommy wisdom, laugh-out-loud stories, and practical tips.

Click here

Live Music

Fishers Construction

Country Summer Band | Parks Place Pub | 8 pm
Jason Singer | LO-FI Lounge | 7 pm
James and The Drifters | HI-FI Indianapolis | 9 pm
Dance Night w/ Brenda | 8 Seconds Saloon
Why Store | Ale Emporium (Indianapolis) | 8 pm
Jai Baker | Ale Emporium (Fishers) | 8 pm
The Bishops | Ale Emporium (Greenwood) | 8 pm
Nashville Hits the Roof with Emma White | Tin Roof | 8 pm
Hillbilly Happy Hour w/ Hank Haggard | Melody Inn | 7 pm
The Royal Palms | Melody Inn | 9 pm
Karma | That Place Bar & Grill | 10 pm
Wampus Milk Daddies & Nautilus | The Mousetrap | 9 pm
Goldie Ingram | The Jazz Kitchen Calendar | 7 pm, 9:30 pm
JUMP: America’s Van Halen Experience | The Vogue Theatre | 9 pm
American Bombshell | Black Circle Brewing | 8 pm
A Flock of Seagulls with Stangelove | Old Nation Centre
Marisela – Zas! Tour | Old Nation Centre
90 Proof | The Britton Tavern | 10 pm
Winter Revival Vintage Market | Slippery Noodle Inn | 5 pm
Fridays Ole Skool After Work Party | The Point Restaurant & Lounge | 5:30 pm
The Music of Strauss | Hilbert Circle Theatre
Bill Myers and the Trash Collectors | Chatterbox Jazz Club | 9:30 pm
MWO Duo | The Rathskeller (In Kellerbar) | 8 pm
JCA Signature Series: Imani Winds | Schrott Center for the Arts | 7:30 pm
Ace Frehley | The Paramount Theatre | 8 pm
Roughhouse | Mikie’s Pub | 9:30 pm
Medium Sound Wave 4: Jarry Mutant and Eternal Husk | State Street Pub | 9 pm

Jai Baker | Parks Place Pub | 8 pm
Ohayo | LO-FI Lounge | 7 pm
Couch – Sunshower Tour | The Vogue | 9 pm
Sundy Best | HI-FI Indianapolis | 9 pm
Left of Center | 8 Seconds Saloon
Why Store | Ale Emporium (Greenwood) | 8:30 pm
Ike & Rory & the Rhythm Riders | Ale Emporium (Indianapolis) | 8:30 pm
Warrior Kings | Ale Emporium (Fishers) | 8:30 pm
Top Shelf | Tin Roof | 10:30 pm
Big Roscoe and the Hammers | That Place Bar & Grill | 9:30 pm
MeSo w/ Xenotype, Weewah, SiFu & Jynx | The Mousetrap | 9 pm
Duke Tumatoe | The Jazz Kitchen | 7 pm and 9:30 pm
Couch w/ Alisa Amador | The Vogue Theatre | 9 pm
Emo Nite – Ages 18+ | Old Nation Centre
Karma | The Britton Tavern | 10 pm
Winter Revival Vintage Market | Slippery Noodle Inn | 12 pm
Robert Coleman Jr. | Chatterbox Jazz Club | 9:30 pm
Brad Mirchell | The Rathskeller (In Kellerbar) | 8 pm
Pink Droyd: A Tribute to Pink Floyd | The Clyde Theatre | 8 pm
Senescence Album Release | Healer | 7 pm
JDP Band | Mikie’s Pub | 10 pm
Tiki Bar Troubadours | McGilvery’s Pub & Eatery | 8 pm
Lotus Moth | State Street Pub | 9 pm
The Unit Band | Georgia Street Rhythm & Blues Lounge | 9 pm

Mark Battles | The Vogue Theatre | 9 pm
The Sunday Show | Black Circle Brewing Company | 8 pm
MYO Winter Concert | Hilbert Circle Theatre
Joe Harrison | Chatterbox Jazz Club | 8 pm
Music at Butler: Elektronik Musik Fest | Schrott Center for the Arts | 7:30 pm
Earth and Elsewhere Old Poet Chromarama | Healer | 7 pm


Read the full report here.


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