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Good Friday Morning. This is Fishers Digest. Today is a very special day. Apple has released their new Vision Pros. Which means it’s the day that these types of chores are no longer the worst.

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In today’s digest:

  • Andretti bid denied

  • Fishers District

  • Weekend preview

  • Keith Lee

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The Digest

The Fishers District moves forward

Fishers District

Thompson Thrift is the company behind all of the development happening at the Fishers District. Which is what Fishers defines as the city’s “next chapter”. They announced two parts of it are approved and ready to go.

The Union will be a direct expansion of The Yard with more of the same. A mix of retail, office, hotel, and residential spaces.

The Crossing will be the centerpiece of the Fishers District. This is where the brand-new event center, Chicken n’ Pickle, and more will be. It’s also now part of a riverfront district, and with a newly passed law in Fishers – there is no limit on alcohol licenses. So expect more restaurants and bars to pop up in this area.

While neither will be fully built until 2025, the Fishers Event Center will be later this year.

Andretti gets a 👎️ from F1

There are two big things going on with The Michael Andretti’s Race Team.

  1. They are trying to join F1

  2. They are building an HQ in Fishers

For point 1: On Wednesday, their bid they’ve spent months on was denied by F1. They made it very clear on why Andretti is not welcome in the 10 car league. But what almost everyone believes is it’s due to $, and the current teams don’t want to split it.

For point 2: In 2022, The Andretti Global team announced they will build a $200m headquarters in Fishers. It will be right by the Indy Metro airport and Nickel Plate Trail. Building this headquarters has not been any easier. One of their contractors decided to sue them in Hamilton County Court, and a legal battle never helps when trying to build a massive facility. If you want to learn more on why stall happened, you can go deeper here.

Their push for joining F1 in 2025 was a big part of speeding this process up, so it will be interesting to see what they do from here. You can read Mario Andretti’s only statement since here.


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Spray-Net Before and After

Admit it. You’ve scrolled home remodel TikTok and thought “oh, I want that”. But as soon as you start getting into remodeling cost… nope.

Rodney at Spray-Net wants to help change that. His company can help you transform your kitchen at a fraction of the cost using paint. I mean come on, just look at the before and after. With his expertise, your Fishers home will have a new lease on life. And all it takes is a little paint 🎨

And if you cook in your kitchen, you need products that are engineered to handle high usage. Spray-Net uses proprietary cabinet coatings and offers a 15-year warranty on their paint. That’s peace of mind to enjoy your new kitchen.

For a limited time, Rodney has offered Fishers Digest readers 10% off any kitchen cabinet project completed by March. For my husband readers – talk about a great Valentine’s gift.

Contact Rodney today for a free consultation.

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The Happenings

Weekend preview 📆

🛞 Grave Digger, Max-D, Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco, Captain’s Curse and Blue Thunder are all what? That’s right. MONSTER TRUCKS!

This weekend, the biggest event in Monster Trucks is happening at Lucas Oil Saturday/Sunday. There will be a pit party during the day where you can view and touch the trucks up close. The main event starts at 7. Get your tickets here.

> This month’s Storywalk is at Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve. Walk the park while reading the book “Patterns Everywhere” by Lisa Varchol Perron. Learn more.

> It’s the last weekend of DevourIndy. Don’t miss your chance to eat at the best restaurants in Fishers/Indy for the cheapest. Use our online guide for menus and guide everywhere in Fishers.

> One Man, Two Guvnors is a comedy performance directed by Andrea Odle here in Fishers at The Switch. Tickets here.

> The 2024 Shen Yun Performance is happening at Butler throughout the weekend. Tickets here.

Rapid Fire Hits


Quick headlines and things to know from all around 🌐

👆️ Is the above image one of those “I know exactly what I’m looking at” images? If no, answer at the bottom of this newsletter.

The Colts Backup QB, Gardner Minshew, is playing in the Pro Bowl this weekend. While Minshew is very much a reason for both the Colts success and failures this season, it’s still a cool accomplishment. (link)

The Calculator Man has been arrested. Fishers police dropped a press release after they arrested someone for stealing from Target. Upon searching his car, they found over 25 calculators in his car. At least they were the good kind of calculators (link)

🥇The number 1 city in America to buy a home as Gen-Z is…… Fort Wayne! Learn why (link)

After 120 years, the IndyStar is turning off their printing press, and will no longer print their newspaper (link)

Rep Jim Banks wants Carmel to cut ties with the Chinese Communist Party. He sent a letter to the Mayor of Carmel which explains a bit more. (link)

Weekly recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most this week 🏆️

  • Devour Indy – The Complete Fishers Guide (link)

  • Sam’s Square Pie (link)

  • Fishers bike trail map (link)

  • Carl’s Belt (Fishers Awards) (link)

  • 2030 Hamilton County Talent Insights (link)

Local Business

Keith Lee


NBA All Stars is the gift that keeps on giving. First it gave us a basketball court at the Indy Airport. Now, it’s giving us Keith Lee. If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry, I didn’t either until a day ago. Keith is a mega popular TikTok food critic who is known for his car reviews of food. People will usually recommend restaurants to try, or some will reach out themselves. Some restaurants like the local Tako Seoul have posted videos requesting he come try their food.

And rightfully so. Getting Keith Lee to come to your restaurant usually means lines out the door! If you’re a restaurant owner or know someone who is, get on it! Reach out to Keith and rep Fishers 💪

Noblesville Creates art exhibits

Noblesville creates has a few art exhibits out in the wild. One is “MY INDIANA” by Craig Mullins which is at Four Day Ray. There are 10 pieces to see. I have to say… the Herd Boss is epic.

The second is All Together by 8th Street Artists. You’ll find this exhibit at Meyer Najem (11787 Lantern Road) on their second-floor gallery.

Learn more about the exhibits here.


The Mommy

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Live Music

Fishers Construction

Visit our live music list for the weekend here: Indy Live Music List This Weekend!


Read the full report here.


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