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Good Wednesday morning. This is Fishers Digest. I am communicating to you from the future. I can’t and won’t tell you everything. But here’s a sneak peek.

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In today’s digest:

  • City rankings
  • Trail updates
  • Kitchen accelerator
  • A poll for Fry’s fate

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The Digest

Best small city in America

WalletHub surveyed over 1,300 cities between ~25,000 and 100,000 people. Here’s where Fishers stacks up. The numbers represent its rank compared to all other cities, with 1 being the best in a category.

  • Affordability: 21
  • Economic health: 181
  • Education & health: 51
  • Quality of life: 628
  • Safety: 7
  • Overall rank: 5

Completely mediocre for quality of life. They measured this by the amount of food/beverage, attractions, walkability, stores, etc. Makes sense. Here’s the craziest part: Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, Zionsville, Brownsburg, and Noblesville are all in the top 30 overall.

Takeaway: The north side of 465’s cities blows every other state out of the water in terms of number of “best cities” to live in.

Connecting the trails

Remember those train carpet mats that were popular like 20 years ago? Pretty sure every dentist/doctor’s office around had one. I just wish it was that easy to place roads and trails wherever we need them.

Anyway: City Council agreed with Delaware Township to put trails in (on the green lines above) to connect with the Nickel Plate Trail. The City will run all the design and development + ~$85k. Delaware Township is fronting the rest of the $400k needed to make it happen.

Food speed dating

Fishers Test Kitchen is basically a start-up accelerator for aspiring restaurant owners. They provide fully equipped kitchens, prep spaces, and everything else you’d need to run a food business. Gordon Ramsey calling you an idiot sandwich while you work not included.

Over the past few weeks, they’ve introduced six new brands to the kitchen:

  • Wurst-n-Wiener
  • The OG
  • Li Pu
  • Sandwich Cat
  • Chick Magnet
  • Deja Vu Kitchen

They honestly all look 🔥

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The Happenings

Ticket guide

Remaining tickets for hay rides at Conner Prair

Tickets to Fishers-related events lately have been like trying to get tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad. Here are two events to buy tickets for NOW before it’s too late:

🎃 The Headless Horsemen Festival at Conner Prairie has a few tickets left this month. The times available are late (like, 10 pm late). BUT low-key that’s probably one of the best times to do a headless horseman hay ride in the first place.

🎄 The Merry Prarie Holiday still has quite a few good dates and times available for December. There will be Santa, shows, and a socks-only skating rink 😂

Show off your muscle car, hot rod, rat rod, street rod, truck, custom, motorcycle. Pretty much whatever you got! At Portillo’s end-of-summer cruise tonight.

🎶 Live Music

The Robert Cray Band | Carmel Palladium | Tickets

Zac Hill on the Patio | Parks Place Pub | 6 pm

Business insight: Most businesses aren’t using their online presence. Half the businesses we check for this info don’t have it easily available. If you’re a business owner and want to stop being invisible online, reach out.

➡️ Have an event, live music, or similar coming up? Email us to get featured here. ⬅️

Local Business

Jack’s Donuts Expansion

Fishers is home to the first franchise location of Jack’s Donuts. While many donut shops have come and gone, Jack’s has managed to stick around for over a decade. Their cult-like following has allowed them to grow their holey empire, and they’re now opening a second location in Florida. And if you haven’t tried them, their apple fritters are the best.

Jet Access HQ move

Local airports take a lot of work to maintain. Jet Access is one company that does, serving areas like Mount Comfort, Zionsville, and more. They plan to move 60 current employees and hire 20 new ones to a new HQ in Fishers — thanks to $3,500 per employee training grants (from Fishers). They’re already starting to hire corporate roles, mainly in accounting, here.

Quick hits

💵 A few of you lucky ducks won $50k, and one of you won 1 million from the Powerball this week. But no one has won the massive $1.73 billion pot, with a cool cash option of $756 mil. The drawing happens again tonight.

🍟 Fun facts for the now-defunct Fry’s Electronics store, which had a 16-year run. Most of their 34 locations had their own theme. Fishers’ theme was automobile racing. Photos on Yelp can give you an idea of what it looked like (most of the photos are pretty sad though, with empty shelves).


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