Outside Fishers: Bob Kravitz roasts New York Times

bob kravitz

Bob Kravitz, a well-known sports columnist in Indy, started his own newsletter after being blindsided by layoffs. 

He previously wrote columns for the IndyStar, WTHR, and most recently: The Athletic — a sports news platform owned by the New York Times.

Going in

He recently launched his own newsletter called Musings of an Old Sportswriter. This trend aligns with other popular writers, influencers, and celebrities moving towards owning their audience through digital newsletter platforms like SubStack.

Kravitz’s first newsletter didn’t hold back. In it, he claims of The Athletic:

“They don’t give a f* about me as a human being.” (censored)

He added more color, such as “lousy editors,”

And unfortunately and most importantly for Indy, adding the Athletic has “totally forgotten” Indy’s sports coverage.

The flip side

According to Axios, The Athletic shared: “We respect Bob and his tenure with The Athletic. The company made the difficult decision to eliminate his role in alignment with our editorial strategy,” a New York Times Co. spokesperson tells Axios.

“That said, we strongly disagree with the unfortunate characterization of events. We do not intend to comment further for confidentiality reasons.”

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