Getting ready for severe weather week

A realstic rendering of a tornado in Fishers, Indiana

Severe Weather Preparedness Week is March 10-16, 2024 in Fishers, Indiana.

It’s time to talk about staying safe when the weather gets wild. You know the deal—tornadoes, thunderstorms, heavy snow…. Fishers, Indiana weather can be a pain. But don’t worry—we’ve got your back with this handy guide to Weather Preparedness Week.

Statewide Tornado Drill

The Statewide Tornado Drill is set for 10:15 am EST on Tuesday, March 12. Should weather conditions warrant, this drill could be postponed to Wednesday. Sirens will be played all across Hamilton County and the state, so you should hear it wherever you are. 

Below is a table outlining further details:

TitleDateTime (EST)Activity
Severe Weather Preparedness WeekMarch 10–16N/AVarious educational programs by the National Weather Service
Statewide Tornado DrillMarch 12 (Postponed to Wed if the weather is severe)10:15 amEmergency alert test for Tornado preparedness

What’s the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning?

In image comparing tacos to tornados in Indaian by the service
Weather.Gov comparing tornados to tacos

Understanding the difference between a Tornado Watch and a Tornado Warning is easy when you think about it in tacos. At least, that’s how the National Weather service thinks about it.

Tornado watch = the pieces are there but not necessarily formed

Tornado warning = the taco will soon be ready, or is already made

Tornado Watch

A tornado watch is an alert weather service shared when a tornado might form. The taco pieces are there.

This is the time to check the supplies in the disaster kit, ensuring flashlights, batteries, food, and water are sufficient. Make sure your phone accessible and charged. And possibly starting to scout out potential shelter areas within and outside your homes in case a tornado warning is issued.

Tornado Warning

A tornado warning is a more immediate and serious cause for action. Again, in taco terms, the tornado pieces are put together or are already made.

Tornado warnings in Indiana signify a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar.

At this point, you should take immediate action to protect yourself, your family, and your property. You should immediately move to a pre-determined safe room, a small windowless interior room on the lowest level of their homes.

Listen to local news or a NOAA Weather Radio to stay informed about tornado warnings and weather update

Tips for Weather Preparedness in Fishers, Indiana

Severe weather can occur at anytime. Here are a few tips for weather preparedness for Fishers and Indianapolis residents.

Creating a Family Emergency Plan

Having a good family emergency plan is crucial when preparing for severe weather. The plan should detail all the steps members must take during a tornado warning in Indianapolis. 

Identify Safe Shelter Locations

The safest spot in your home for shelter during a tornado is typically a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor with no windows.

Schools, public buildings, and shopping centers are usually the closest community shelter locations in case you aren’t home.

Develop a Communication Strategy

Create a family group chat on a messaging app for quick communication.

Building an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit should include enough supplies to sustain each member for at least 72 hours. Important things to include:

  • Water and non-perishable food
  • First Aid kit
  • Battery or hand-crank radios
  • Flashlights with extra batteries
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene items

Ideally, you’ll have separate kits for your home and vehicles. To increase readiness, it’s recommended that you have a NOAA weather radio at both home and work.

Staying Informed Through Local Weather Updates

The following list can help you in staying up to date during severe weather.

  • National Weather Service (NWS) Indianapolis: Provides weather alerts and forecasts. NWS Indianapolis
  • Hamilton County Emergency Management: Offers local emergency alerts and information. Hamilton County EMA
  • WTHR Channel 13: Local TV station with weather updates. WTHR Weather
  • WFYI Public Radio 90.1 FM: Local radio station with news and weather updates. WFYI
  • Fishers Department of Public Safety: Provides local safety alerts including severe weather.
  • Nextdoor: We’re not huge fans of Nextdoor, but it can be good for getting info from time to time. Nextdoor

Turn on weather notifications for your iPhone

To turn on weather notifications on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > Weather, then tap Always.
  • Turn on Precise Location to receive the most accurate notifications for your current location.
  • Open the Weather app on your iPhone, then tap the menu to display your weather list.
  • Tap the three dots, then tap Notifications.
  • If prompted, allow notifications from the Weather app.
  • Below Current Location, turn on notifications for Severe Weather and Next-Hour Precipitation (green is on).
  • Tap Done.

How to enable emergency weather alerts on an Android

All Android phones can access the wireless emergency alerts menu. Most can enable Extreme threats, Severe threats, and AMBER alerts.

  • Open the Settings on your Android 12 device.
  • Go to the Safety and Emergency tab.
  • Select Wireless emergency alerts.
  • Enable all of the sliders for the alerts you wish to receive. In some areas of the USA, you will find a toggle for State and local tests.

Staying safe in Fishers, Indiana

An Indiana tornado coming through the city can be scary. By following this guide from Fishers Digest, you will be as prepared as possible throughout the season.

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