Who is Kevin the Peacock?

Kevin is a peacock who lives in Fishers. No one know where he came from, but he’s got a story and most everyone loves him!

An image of Kevin in Fishers backyard

Kevin, a mysterious peacock, has become an endearing part of Fishers’ local lore 😂 Thanks to the observant and caring residents Stacey, Mike, Marianne, Tiffany, Kelly, and the supportive Fishers Facebook community, Kevin’s story has been pieced together.

No one knows exactly where Kevin came from, but he first appeared in the Rolling Knoll neighborhood about a year ago. Since then, he’s captured the hearts of the residents. Kevin managed to survive the harsh winter, a feat that worried many neighbors who feared for his well-being. Now, with the warmer weather, Kevin continues to roam the streets of Fishers, presumably in search of a peahen.

Kevin has become a beloved fixture in the community, and his presence is warmly welcomed by all. The Fishers Police Department even confirmed his welcome status yesterday, much to the delight of his many fans.

An image of Kevin the Peacock police post

To keep up with Kevin’s adventures and report sightings, residents have set up a dedicated Facebook page. Through this page, the community can share their encounters with Kevin and ensure he remains safe and sound.

So, keep an eye out for Kevin as you go about your day in Fishers. This feathered wanderer has become a symbol of the town’s spirit and resilience. See you around, Kevin! 👋

An image showing where Kevin the Peacock has traveled to

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