Who will start getting your trash?

PLUS: are you proud to be a Hoosier, fireworks, and your weekend preview

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Good Friday morning. This is Fishers Digest. Fireworks pop-up stores are starting to open — July 4th is near 🇺🇸 🦅

In today’s digest:

  • Who might be getting your trash
  • Are you proud to be a Hoosier?
  • Your weekend preview
  • Fireworks pop-ups are here

— Written by Lindsey Watson and Skyler Braun

🍰 We have a double bday on our hands! Happy happy birthday to Summer and Fletcher ❤️ Have the best weekend ever!

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The Digest

One of these three companies might be picking up your trash next January 🗑️

Trash Company in Fishers meme

The bids are in for city managed trash. Here are the bidders:

  • Waste Management
  • Republic Trash
  • Priority Trash

Surprised? Probably not. Priority trash currently has the least market share in Fishers, but they’ve been picking up. There are more and more of their yellow commercial dumpsters showing up at places like Starbucks the past few months. So what’s next? Here’s where we are in the current timeline:

  • June-July 2024: Negotiations with bidders (if any)
  • July 9 or 23, 2024: BPW public hearing on contract and resolution

Are you proud to be a Hoosier? 🌽

There are three groups of readers for this newsletter. People who want to live here, do live here, or previously lived here. Our connecting point is Indiana.

So are you proud of that? Fishers Digest is partnering with SMARI to find out. They’re a market research firm that moved their HQ to Fishers, and served Indy for the past 41 years 🤯 By helping answer this question, you’ll get cool insights no one else will.

PS: Only your response is shared, not your email, name, etc!

Hamilton County non-profit grant apps live 🎙️

Hamilton County’s got some cash up for grabs for our local do-gooders! If you’re part of a nonprofit that’s making life better around here, get in on this. They’re accepting applications for 2025 funding, and apps are due by noon on June 17 (next monday).

Winners find out in November, and money rolls out in January. Apply at Hamilton County Grants.

A 4th of July without Joey Chestnut?

Westfield resident and world famous hot dog eating champion (x16!) Joey Chestnut has gone vegan. Well, not really. But he did sign an endorsement deal with the vegan brand, Impossible Foods.

Major League Eating, who organizes the 4th of July competition with Nathan’s Famous, has banned Chestnut from this year’s event after the recent partnership. Chestnut was pretty mad, to say the least.

The Happenings

Weekend preview 📆

ICYMI from Tuesday’s issue:

> Penn and Beech opens up at 10 am tomorrow. Be one of the first guests and you’ll get a free candle pour 🕯️
> The 2024 HATCHfest in Noblesville is tomorrow. HATCH = Hamilton County Arts, Technology, Craft, and Heritage.

Come see cool art 🎨

Heads up: The Fishers Art Center has canceled tonight’s opening in case you had that on your list. No news when it will open, but it seems Monday is possible. When it is open though, there will be classes and camps, workshops and performances, and exhibit. Like the Balderdash Kurt Vonnegut exhibit whch will run until 8/18/24.

And the youth classes look very cool. Sign us up for the clay doodling one. Admission to the art center is free, but classes are additional.

Father’s Day weekend 🧔‍♂️

Does your dad like beer, contests, and grilled meat? Bier Brewery (Noblesville) will host Bierfest this Saturday from 3-10 pm.

Four more Father’s Day ideas

🏊️ The 2024 Swim Olympic Trials are here

For the next eight days, the Indy is hosting the 2024 Olympic Swim Trials. Every day of the trials will have it’s own theme, and have fun events that end with things like free merch for attending.

The fun kicks off tonight at 5 pm with a block party on 250 W. Georgia St with a ribbon cutting and live music later on at 8 pm.

Saturday is the first day of heats and finals. If you attend the finals, you’ll go home with a free limited-edition t-shirt.

Here’s some fun trivia facts for you:

  • The swim trials were last in Indy and the Olympics in Paris in 1924. 100 years later, they’re happening again. Which is why the mini Eiffel Tower was built
  • This is the first time in history a football stadium has been used for an Olympic swim trial. 860,000 gallons of water 🌊

Check the official Swim Trials website for more

🎶 Live Music

Thanks to USA Swimming, there will be free live music concerts everyday next week 🔥

Check out our complete live music venues list on our site below 👇️

Live Music Venues

Nothing in this section is sponsored. It’s just something you should know.

Rapid Fire Hits

Quick headlines and things to know from all around 🌐

After 35 years of operating restaurants here, Cafe Patachou raised private equity money to grow outside Indiana

Here is where to see the 66 foot tall, 20,000 lb Eiffel Tower replica made out of Indiana stee

Boomer (Pacers) is the NBA’s most forgettable mascot 😂

Indy Parks and Rec wants your input about our local parks! A series of open houses will be held during the month of June to discuss improvements to 58 local parks.

The Fashion Mall at Keystone will soon look like this

Here is how to share your opinion on Duke Energy doing rate increases

Quick School News 🏫

Summer? Nah, there’s still stuff happening at the schools. Here’s a few cool announcements made this week:

  • Dr. Barb Walters is the new Director of Exceptional Learners
  • Tim Brown is the district’s new CFO
  • Director Facilities Matt Rapp was awarded with Project of the Year at Fall Creek Jr. High

Congrats to all of you 🎉 Pulled from HSE Schools twitter account.

Weekly recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most last week 🏆️

  • The Where’s Kevin Facebook page
  • The Fishers Event Center has it’s own logo and website now
  • Penn and Beech opening tomorrow
  • City of Fishers Government Events

Local Business

Allstate? Nah ❌ FireworksState ✅

Allstate Fireworks

There’s something special to fireworks pop-up stores opening up again. It means July 4th is near and summer really is here in full swing 🔥

This one is particularly hilarious though. You can find this store on 116th Street/Brooks School Road.


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