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It’s nice to meet you

You cared enough to check out what Fishers Digest is about. That’s great, so welcome.

I don’t know why exactly you’re here. But I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and how Fishers Digest started.

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Skyler and Kassie
My dog Kassie. She’s an ex-ICAN dog and my best friend.

How did Fishers Digest start?

I left my startup tech job in May 2023.

For years, I wanted to start my own business and manage my own schedule and life. But I was never brave enough to take the jump.

So I started experimenting. Specifically with AI. What could I improve with it? After some research and thought local news felt like a good fit.

With $5 in ads and a goal, Fishers Digest was born. I was aggregating local news with RSS feeds and sending out links with AI to email inboxes.

It was a success from day 1, with great open rates and click rates. But it wasn’t very personal and felt like a race to the bottom. I wasn’t doing anything special; anyone could do it.

In July of 2023, I pivoted. I started writing the newsletter myself. I still used AI to help find some of the content. But it changed.

At first the newsletters were short. Averaging around 400 words per issue. I was also sharing news around things that were hurting the city, like the library and crime. I got a lot of flak for this.

Today each newsletter averages at least 1000 words and is focused on the stuff that you really care about:

  • What’s city council up to?
  • Where’s the events I should know about?
  • Where’s the live music?
  • What’s the best place to get a coffee, or walk with my kids?

Fishers Digest answers all those and much more in 2 brief emails per week. You won’t find a more curated source of info on everything in Fishers.

So yeah! That’s the story. I hope you love Fishers Digest and feel more connected with the city.

First Fishers Digest newsletter issue
This is what one of the first issues looked like!
This is what it looks like today!