Coming soon in Fishers – August 2nd

planned unit committee

The Fishers Planned Unit Development Committee (PUD) reviews planned developments in the city. 

They are meeting this week to approve the following:

  • List Bio | New architecture for their $125m facility. It has been over a year since List Bio broke ground.
  • Indy Hoops | Seeking approval for a facility near 141 Street (14001 Britton Park Rd). The building will have 8 Volleyball courts, 5 Basketball courts, a concession stand, and an office within a 54,200 sf building.

List Bio

Why it matters

  • List Bio will create over 210 jobs
  • The development is a $125m investment in Fishers 

The facility will likely attract further investments from List Bio and its investors — creating even more jobs and strengthening Fishers.

Who is List Bio

The company, a South Korea-based Genome & Co. subsidiary, specializes in biologics manufacturing. The facility will produce microbiomes, beneficial bacteria that target various diseases or conditions.

Deep Dive

Photo Courtesy of City of Fishers

In June 2022, List Biotherapeutics Inc. broke ground on their 110,000-square-foot, $125 million building in the Fishers Life Science and Innovation Park.

List Bio initially expected to complete the construction this year. They now hope to finish by Q4 of 2024.

The team has revised the building plans since last year’s approval, and the board is likely to approve them again with conditions.

The map below shows where it will be located.

Indy Hoops

Why it matters

Within a 54,200 sf building, Fishers can expect:

  • 8 Volleyball courts
  • 5 Basketball courts
  • Concession stand
  • Office 

What is IndyHoops

IndyHoops is a sports facility to develop essential skills and a love for the game. 

Children are taught in a fun and safe environment focusing on teamwork and sportsmanship through their K-12 programs and camps.

They also offer leagues to play in year-round. 

“At Indy Hoops Academy, we want every child to develop the skills to be an overall great player.” – says Head Coach and Owner Matthew Webster.

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