Fishers 2023 elections locked in

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As Fishers 2023 elections grow near on November 7, 2023, one thing is already clear: Mayor Scott Fadness is set for another four-year term, running unopposed.

Fishers Judge City Court Daniel E. Henke and District Councilor Pete Peterson will also enjoy this luxury.

There are, however, other roles available up for election. These are as follows:

Fishers Clerk (vote for 1)

  • Jennifer L. Kehl – R
  • Janet Pritchett – D

Fishers City Council District NW (vote for 1)

  • Selina Stoller – R
  • Bill McLellan – D

Fishers City Council District NC (vote for 1)

  • John P. DeLucia – R
  • Crystal Neumann – D

Fishers City Council District SC (vote for 1)

  • John W. Weingardt – R
  •  Lane Skeeters – D

Fishers City Council District SW (vote for 1)

  • David Giffel – R
  •  Bill Stuart – D

Fishers City Council District NE (vote for 1)

  • Brad DeReamer – R
  • Samantha R. Chapman – D

Fishers City Council At-Large (vote for 3)

  • Cecilia Coble – R
  • Tiffanie Ditlevson – R
  • Todd Zimmerman – R
  • Howard Stevenson – D
  • Jocelyn Vare – D

You can learn more about voting in Fishers, and the broader Hamilton County scene as the election nears by visiting the Current Election site here.

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