Fishers ranked #2 Cities in America 2024

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A recent MoneyGeek analysis named Fishers, Indiana, the second safest city in America for 2024. Here’s the key findings:

Indianapolis suburbs are best for both safety and affordability. Fishers and Carmel place second and tenth for overall safest suburbs.

The study analyzed and focused on crime data from 302 U.S. cities, each with a population over 100,000. Fishers stood out among the competition with its low crime cost per capita of $296.

The MoneyGeek award is one of many Fishers receives. Earlier this year, SmartAsset named Fishers the fourth safest suburb in America. Both studies used different crime and safety data. They came to very similar conclusions. Fishers is lower than 84% of other suburbs for violent crime rate in the SmartAsset study. It’s hard to argue with these recognitions. They strengthen Fishers’ reputation as a secure community.

Mayor Scott Fadness expressed his pride in this achievement. He stated, “This recognition demonstrates our commitment to strive for the highest standards of quality of life and safety in our community.”” Fishers is known for its excellent law enforcement, thanks to the dedicated work of our Fishers Police Department.”

Chief of Police Ed Gebhart echoed Mayor Fadness’ sentiments. He praised the hard work of the Fishers Police Department in keeping the city safe. He stated, “Fishers is at the top of this list because our officers work hard every day to keep our city safe. The police department’s success comes from strong support from the Fishers community”

The Fishers Police Department prides itself on collaborating with other law enforcement agencies. It also prides itself on its proactive community engagement initiatives. The Fishers Police Department is one of the most advanced in the state. They’re one of the first to use Rapid DNA testing, which allows for accurate on and off the field testing. Agencies across the state and midwest regularly use Fishers facilities for their technology.

Fishers Police have also played a vital role in establishing the Indiana Gun Crimes Task Force. School Resource Officers are also available at schools to mentor and protect the city’s children.

Continuing the Pursuit of Safety

The City of Fishers clearly remains dedicated to maintaining its status as one of the safest cities in America. The commitment to safety and security from the local law enforcement and the community sets Fishers apart from other cities.

Whether you are planning to raise a family, start a career, or simply enjoy a safe and peaceful community, Fishers offers an ideal place to live.

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