Memento Zero Proof closed for good

Memento Zero Proof in Fishers closed due to failed contract negotiations with their landlord. They have no plans to reopen or do anymore popups in the future.

Memento Zero Proof Neon Sign

☕️🍺 A few weeks ago, Memento Zero Proof suddenly closed. If you go, you’ll find a locked door and a paper sign saying they’re temporarily closed. Unfortunately, that’s going to stay that way.

The owners, Max and Shwa, who are two young and ambitious entrepreneurs, reached out to Fishers Digest to help share their message to the community. 

“After extensive efforts, it saddens us to announce the permanent closure of Memento Zero Proof. Despite our attempt at negotiations, we regrettably could not reach an agreement with our landlord to reopen. We had exciting plans for the summer ahead, including the addition of TVs, outdoor seating, several events, and a fresh summer menu, but unfortunately, circumstances intervened.

Although it’s disheartening to witness our new venture conclude within a year, we take pride in our accomplishments and are happy to report it was not due to lack of support. For those who know us personally, this setback will not deter our entrepreneurial spirit. With our OG business Stonetree Studios as an example, thriving for over a decade, we are committed to building ventures that stand the test of time.

We are grateful to have contributed to the burgeoning sober space in Indy, alongside establishments like Skosh and Wildeye.

From our modest beginnings as a pop-up in 2022 to this moment, the unwavering support we’ve received has been invaluable. As one chapter closes, we eagerly anticipate new opportunities to continue making a positive impact in our community. Thank you for being part of our journey; it’s been an experience we cherish deeply.

Sincerely Max & Shwa (the Skeleton Crew 💀)”

There are no plans to restart Memento Zero Proof as a different business. If you did not have a chance to go, they had a fun and different vibe than any other “bar” in Fishers. There was more than one occasion where I spent an evening with an NA (Non-Alcoholic) drink writing the Fishers Digest newsletter.

An image of a computer at Memento Zero Proof
Writing a Fishers Digest newsletter on a Friday night. Will miss this!

The property has already been sold to a new tenant, who has not been announced yet.

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