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Good Wednesday morning. This is Fishers Digest. The only local newsletter that offers a degree in Fishersnomics™️

This punchline has everything to do with learning there’s a school in the UK offering a master’s degree in magic. Here’s to hoping that spellbooks are cheaper than textbooks 🧙

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In today’s digest:

  • New IFL team
  • Halloweekend guide
  • Local business previews

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The Digest

Fishers is now a football town

It’s a good time to be a football fan in Fishers. Because we’re getting our own football team. Indy Fuel Owner Jim Hallett purchased the rights to the team, which will now share a stadium at the Fishers Event Center. Games will start in 2025.

Why it matters: Criticism of the new stadium has mostly revolved around its full-time use. Introducing an entirely new sport to the state is a surefire way to silence the doubters (👋 I was sort of one).

What is it? The Indoor Football League (IFL) rules are a bit different than normal football. Here’s a few that make it so different:

  • You can dropkick the football when going for a field goal for more points
  • Pushing a player into the walls surrounding the field is totally cool and inbounds
  • 4th down you aren’t allowed to punt. Go big or go home.
  • The field is half the size

There’s no news yet on the team’s name, so what do you think? Reply to let me know.

You can buy season tickets for the new team here. They also include packages for Fuel games. Oh, and here’s to hoping there isn’t a $50 fee for non-residents to park 🍻

Brought to you by your wallet*

Luke Cathcart

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The Happenings

Halloween is coming 👻

Halloween is less than a week away. Don’t wait until next weekend to celebrate. You’ll bump into people putting out their Christmas lights.

I have little ghosts with me →

  • Boo Bash – Saturday at Nickel Plate Amphitheatre.
  • Headless Horseman Festival – Thurs – Sunday at Conner Prairie.
  • Harvest Nights– All weekend at Newfields.
  • BOOville – At the Children’s Museum.

I haunt alone

  • Britton Tavern Halloween Bash — Friday and Saturday. Costume contests and live music. Info.
  • Corey Cox Halloween Bash — Saturday. Parks Place Pub
  • Costume Party — Saturday. Joe’s Grille
  • Murphy’s Halloween Party — Saturday. Murphy’s Pubhouse
  • Halloween Bar Crawl — Drink your way through Broad Ripple in your favorite Halloween costume. Friends encouraged.
  • The Thirteenth Hour Haunted House — This is movie set quality and sure to. Extra underwear not included in ticket price.

Miss any good ones? Reply and let me know 💌

🎃 Give your pumpkins the dignity they deserve by launching them back to where they came from. Fishers is not just giving you a way to get rid of your Halloween pumpkins. They are giving you a way to CATAPULT them. Obviously, this all happens after Halloween. The event is free, but they’re asking for $10 donations on-site to support the Fishers Fire Department.

Business insight: Most businesses aren’t using their online presence. Half the businesses we check for this info don’t have it easily available. If you’re a business owner and want to stop being invisible online.

➡️ Have an event, live music, or similar coming up? Email us to get featured here. ⬅️

Local Business

Part 2/x

New day new list of new biz coming to Fishers. If there’s anything that isn’t quite right, feel free to correct it by letting me know 🤙

P.S — Don’t miss Friday’s issue. We have the Hy-Vee update everybody’s looking for 👀

Cafe Patachou

What is it? Cafe Patachou, a breakfast and lunch spot.

Where will it be? Downtown Fishers, right by the new mural. The building will block part of the view (while driving), but they got approval for this.

When will it be built? End of this year!

💭Thought bubble: Saying Cafe Patachou will be a huge hit from day 1 is an understatement. They have great coffee, food, and are as local as it gets. They’ve won plenty of awards across their restaurants.

New Kroger

Renderings of building plans

What is it? A Kroger marketplace, complete with gas station and parking.

Where will it be? Fishers Station Drive (east side of Allisonville Road on 116th).

When will it be built? Word on the street is it will open ~December 2024.

💭Thought bubble: Kroger recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the remodels on both Cumberland/Olio Krogers. I have a feeling this Allisonville Kroger isn’t going to help our pocketbooks when shopping.

On the other side: Kroger in our downtown neighborhoods are not doing well. Leaking fridges, empty shelves, dirty shelves violations, to name a few. Kroger responded by saying something along the lines of “it’s up to spec, sorry”

Quick hits

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a city? Well, you can learn! With the Fishers City Gov Academy program. For nine weeks this spring and a few monthly meetings, you can participate and learn everything you need to know. Applications are live today. P.S I applied 🤘

Big tip energy from a group of pancake enthusiasts in Boston. They call it the $1,000 breakfast club and intentionally go to iHop to leave huge tips. Each member pitches in a $100 bill. The club idea is taking off in other states too, with Wyoming and Utah having their own group. Who’s down to start the Indiana version?

Texas Roadhouse is the fastest-growing restaurant in the company in the USA. ‘90s kids who grew up at chain restaurants (who also helped wipe them off the map) are helping push the surge. With help from TikTok and the right market conditions, similar chains are exploding in growth.

A State task force believes getting rid of state income tax would hurt the poorest and help the richest in Indiana. They also would need to find a way to replace 8 billion, and don’t think it’s possible in the short term.


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