Fishers Road Rage

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Fishers, Indiana – A road rage incident on Wednesday evening in Fishers led to a shooting, prompting an investigation by local authorities. The event occurred around 6 p.m. in the 8100 block of East 106th Street, near Interstate 69. One individual, injured in the incident, self-transported to a hospital for a gunshot wound treatment.

The Fishers Police Department (FPD) emphasized that there is no continuing danger to the public. They are actively working to piece together the circumstances that escalated into the shooting. All parties involved have been identified and are collaborating with the investigation.

The FPD is reaching out to the community for any additional information or witness accounts of the incident. They urge anyone with knowledge about the situation, particularly what led up to the shooting, to contact FPD Detective Rob Baker at 317-595-3134 or via email at [email protected].

This incident highlights the increasing concern over road rage incidents and their potential to escalate into violence. The Fishers community and its police force are taking serious measures to address and prevent such occurrences, ensuring public safety.

The situation is developing, and more details will be shared as the investigation progresses. The Fishers Police Department is committed to transparency and keeping the public informed. Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing investigation.

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