Your co-worker deserves to live here

When the average rent is $2,100 a month, Fishers is not affordable for a new graduate or someone retiring on a fixed income.

The latest Invest Hamilton County report shows that Fishers will need 15,000 additional food service workers by 2030 to support its current growth. With housing costs continuing to rise (and pay not usually following), workers living farther away are inevitable. 

Employees living far away bring added risk for an employer, especially in front-of-house roles. 

But it’s not all hopeless. Since 2003, Hamilton Area Neighborhood Development (HAND) has been building affordable properties. They believe Fishers should be accessible to everyone, regardless of occupation or income.

Their latest project, the Cumberland Cottages, proves this. These 11 units, opening in June, have been a long time coming, and they’re excited to get families in homes they can afford. However, 11 units is only a drop in the bucket when addressing the need. (See earlier about 15,000 food service workers.)

If you want to support HAND, you’ll be helping solve housing crisis issues many of our neighbors face. The easiest way to get involved is through donations or contracting. 

To learn more about HAND, check out their website here:

-Jennifer Atkinson

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