Fall Creek Woods Park Closing

Fall creek woods area photo
Fall creek woods area photo

Fall Creek Woods Park, an 80-acre area managed by Fall Creek Township, is temporarily closed, sparking various rumors among the local community. The rumors started on Facebook and quickly spread. They suggested that the closure was to allow for private hunting on public land. Officials with the township have confirmed this isn’t the case. It’s for wildlife assessments and the introduction of new park features.

Fall Creek Woods Park is known for its rich wildlife. Some examples include bald eagles, woodpeckers, beavers, and deer and many more. It’s an excellent spot to go wildlife spotting.

Due to the rapid development around the park, Fall Creek Township wants to study and adapt to the changing needs of the wildlife habitats affected by these developments.


Initially acquired in 2014 as 4 parcels of land, the park has seen significant enhancements from Fall Creek Township. Challenges like working in a flood plain and coordinating with adjacent construction projects have not stopped its growth and goal of creating an accessible and environmentally conscious park. Some of the additions include a public parking area, restored prairie field, trails, a wooden switchback, bridges, and more. During the temporary closure, there are plans for a canoe/kayak launch and a new access point to enter the park. In a future upgrade, the park hopes to move forward with initiatives like transforming surrounding farmland into prairie grass. Or installing bat houses.

It’s also worth noting that the closure is part of an annual routine since the park’s establishment. Last year’s closure was much longer due to construction but didn’t receive nearly as much public outcry.

The park’s closure coincides with the deer’s post-breeding season, a critical time for assessing their behavior and numbers. Closing so close to peak breeding season is likely what spread the initial rumors. However, Fall Creek Woods Natural Area does not permit public hunting. There are no plans for this to change during the closing period.

The park will re-open February 1st, 2024.

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