Swift Fishers storms cause a downtown blaze

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A swift Fishers storm across Fishers sparked a fire at the Sanctuary Apartments off 116th Street.

The rapid response from Fishers Fire Department, with Fishers Police Department and apartment staff, prevented injuries – and kept the damage to a minimum.

Station 393 has postponed the scheduled drill at Northfield Estates cul de sac to service and clean the equipment due to the incident.

They have yet to announce a date for a new drill.

Go Deeper

Prompt reporting to the Hamilton County Public Safety Communications “911.” kept this fire from causing more damage than it did, officials said.

“At least two families will be relocated. Apartment complex staff were on the scene and able to assist occupants.“

In the weeds

The City of Fishers uses Smart 911, a free information-sharing app.

This system allows residents to include additional information such as vehicle descriptions, medications, medical emergency contacts and proxies, home floor plans, and pet information.

The city claims this can help save time during an emergency. You can register here if you want to participate. 

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