Guide from a local on Fishers total solar eclipse

An image showing how many people live in certain areas of the total solar eclipse path Indiana

On Monday, April 8 from about 2 to 4:30 pm, Hamilton County and Fishers will experience a Total Solar Eclipse.

Millions of people will be coming to the Greater Indianapolis area on Monday. Imagine the Indy 500, Superbowl, and Taylor Swift all happening at the same time, and that might give you an idea.

So use this guide if you live in Fishers or plan to come here to view the eclipse!

Overview of Total Solar Eclipse Fishers

It’s been over 800 years since a total solar eclipse rolled through Fishers, Indiana. There was a partial eclipse in 2017, which was alright — but not nearly as spectacular as what Monday’s total eclipse will bring.

The difference between now and 2017 is the moon will completely block the sun this time. This period of “totality” refers to when the moon completely obscures the Sun’s light, allowing us only to see the sun’s crown, also known as the ‘corona’.

Fun fact: It’s safe to take your glasses off during the totality only. This is the brief 3 1/2-minute period when the sky is as dark as it will be. But make sure they’re back on when before and after as that’s the part that can damage your eyes.

Data shows we will have a massive turnout. An estimated 500,000 visitors are predicted for Fishers alone. Even more for the county, and the City of Indianapolis as a whole.

Location (County/City)Estimated Visitors
Hamilton600,000 – 2,000,000

You’ll want to be in Fishers because it’s expecting the longest viewing time. It’s only a couple of seconds more. But hey, for something that will never happen again during our lifetimes (here in Fishers), those seconds count.

The sky will begin to change around 1:50 pm with totality at 3:06 pm. Here is how long each city here and near us will get to see it:

Totality Start Time (3:06 pm)Duration
👑 Fishers3 minutes & 39s
Carmel3 minutes & 29s
Noblesville3 minutes & 27s

Local authorities are planning on bringing their best game to ensure a seamless experience of the Eclipse. Collaboration between Fishers and county officials is focused on managing the unprecedented influx. After all, it’s not every day we see half a million visitors flooding into our towns.

Viewing Guidelines

Protecting your eyes during the viewing is critical. Unprotected viewing can lead to severe eye injury. Always use safe solar viewing glasses, aka eclipse glasses. These specific glasses allow you to safely observe the entire progression of the eclipse.

Fun fact: Avoid viewing the sun through a camera lens, binoculars, or a telescope without a special-purpose solar filter. You can damage your stuff. You can be creative and use an extra pair of eclipse glasses on the lens to view and take pictures!

If you aren’t planning on going to an event which will likely have some for purchase or free, here’s where you can still pick up a few:

  • Amazon
  • The Fishers Library may still have a few leftovers for free
  • Your local eye store. They love this kind of stuff!


An image of the viewing locations for the total solar eclipse in Fishers Indiana
Map provided courtesy of Hamilton County Tourism

There will be events everywhere. If it’s anything like what officials say, there might just be block parties all over the place.

That said, these are the “official” viewing locations the county has worked with. If you see a $$ in the name it’s a ticketed event.

  • Carmel Civic Square Festivities (Free)
    🕙 10am–5pm
    📍 Carmel Civic Square, Carmel, IN
    There will be food vendors, eclipse merch, and photo ops. This will also be where the comically huge eclipse glasses the Wilkinson’s Brother’s made.
  • Conner Prairie Festivities ($$)
    🕙 Festivities begin at 10am
    📍 Conner Prairie, Fishers, IN
    There will be live music all day from local bands, astronomers, and kid-friendly activities all through the grounds. Tickets
  • Cool Creek Park Nature Center ($$)
    🕙 10am–5pm
    📍Cool Creek Park Nature Center, Carmel, IN
    This is at a park so feel free to bring your tailgating gear and expect kid-friendly activities sponsored by the county. Tickets
  • Grand Park Sports Campus Festivities ($$)
    🕙 10am–6pm
    📍 Grand Park Sports Campus, Westfield, IN
    Food, drinks, concerts, inflatables, and more at the campus. Tickets are per car. Tickets
  • Ruoff Mortgage Music Center Festivities ($$)
    🕙 10am–5pm
    📍 Ruoff Mortgage Music Center, Noblesville, IN
    This is a tailgate event. Since it’s Ruoff, there will be live music. There will also be an inflatable obstacle course, NASA engineers, and more. Tickets
  • Strawtown Koteewi Park Festivities ($$)
    🕙 10am–5pm
    📍 Strawtown Koteewi Park, Noblesville, IN
    This is another park tailgating event sponsored by the county. Tickets

Here’s a list of other places nearby that are also hosting some kind of event (Fishers only):

  • King Jugg Brewing Company, Fishers
  • Sun King Fishers
  • The Balmoral House
  • Pinheads & Alley’s Alehouse
  • Tailgate at The Yard

If social events aren’t your thing, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has you covered. Most of our state parks, forests, and nature preserves will be open for you to go and enjoy the eclipse in a natural setting. Use this map to find a location you like and want to go too. Details if it’s free or not and where to park will also be on the map.

Traffic and Public Safety Measures

With an influx of approximately 500,000 visitors anticipated here, traffic jams will happen. During past total solar eclipses, locations that were in totality (like Fishers will be) experienced heavy, often unmoving, traffic. If a drive normally takes 30 minutes, expect it to take 8-12 hours.

Given this expected surge in traffic, it would be a good idea to prepare for an emergency before you travel. Make sure your gas tank is full, allocate extra time for the trip, and pack enough water and snacks in anticipation of long delays.

Local police have taken many measures to help smooth traffic flow and guarantee public safety. Here’s what to know:

  • Allisonville Road is closed in both directions at 146th Street.
  • On the day of the eclipse, Fishers Engineering and Public Works Departments will suspend all road construction work.
  • Cumberland Road will have limited local access only on April 8.

Use the Waze app to receive the latest traffic news and follow @FishersIN on Facebook or Twitter for official updates. These measures are put in place to help navigate the traffic and ensure the safety of every eclipse-observing enthusiast.

Fishers Fire and Emergency Services and the Fishers Police Department will be stationed throughout the city, ready to respond to emergencies.

Enjoy the moment

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. If you live here, you probably feel beat down by the amount of information and news around the eclipse. When the eclipse finally does happen, enjoy the moment and fact that we’re seeing something many people never will. Cheers!

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