Volunteering Fishers – 2023 review

Volunteer Fishers Logo
Volunteer Fishers Logo

As we finish out 2023, the team at Fishers who run the volunteering program shared some very interesting stats. Here’s a highlight reel of what has been accomplished through volunteering:

  • About 5% of the city registered to volunteer (5,484)
  • Over 100 non-profits participate
  • Total volunteer hours to date: 10,252.53
  • Estimated value created in volunteer labor: $326,030.45 🤯 This is based on Independent Sector’s 2023 Value of Volunteer time of $31.80 per hour

When you volunteer through the city, your hours are tracked. Every year, the city holds an award ceremony for top volunteers. My favorite part of this is there was a previous #1 volunteer who wanted to stay anonymous for their award. That is some serious commitment to service.

Volunteers needed

If you’re feeling inspired by the good work being done around the City of Fishers, here are the opportunities and activities that need the most help right now.

Current volunteer needs. Last updated January 2024:

You can view all open opportunities to volunteer here.

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