Unanimous Yes for Conner Prairie’s Expansion

Conner Prairie

Fisher’s attraction, Conner Prairie, may be on its way to Carmel. 

The Carmel Plan Commission has unanimously approved Conner Prairie’s $24 million expansion into Carmel, a project stalled since October.

The next step in complete development approval will be from the full Carmel City Council.

Why it matters

This decision gives momentum to the project. As outlined, it would include:

  • Farm-to-table restaurant
  • Eco-lodge boutique hotel
  • White River Education Center
  • Cabins
  • Modern farm and parking and walking trails

The property will also host part of the White River Greenway, with a free easement granted for the extension

Go Deeper

The Plan Commission helps manage Carmel’s growth and development. It consists of 9 voting members.

The Plan Commission has met as a special committee for the last three months to discuss the project. Tuesday’s unanimous vote means the project will go straight to the city council.

Adam Aasen, the Carmel City Council representative on the Plan Commission, acknowledged that “..while the project has come a long way, there’s still more work to be done, particularly in addressing concerns from nearby residents.”

A meeting with the City of Carmel has not been set.

Go deeper into the project details here.

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