Skyler Braun

Skyler Braun is the owner, publisher, and editor of Fishers Digest. An Army vet and tech entrepreneur, he returned to his hometown of Fishers, Indiana, in 2019. With ten years in tech, Skyler started Fishers Digest to share local news and events where it matters the most. Where you live. Since founding Fishers Digest in 2023, he’s written over 200 newsletter issues that have helped the Fishers community quickly feel informed about their city.

Skyler’s Expertise

  • Copywriting
  • Local news curation
  • SEO strategy
  • Media selling

Skyler’s picks

There are a few things that inspired Skyler to start Fishers Digest and helped develop his writing style. Here’s a few of them:

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You can always contact Skyler through the website. You can also read more about Fishers Digest founding through our about page. If you still want to connect further, here’s the best social links to catch up with him.

An image of Fishers Digest author Skyler with his dog Kassie
Skyler and Kassie

Read some of Skyler’s latest content

  • Maple Del Development

    Maple Del in Fishers — v2

    The first go around of Maple Del didn’t do so great… the project was abandoned. But this week, the Fishers Redevelopment Commission approved a…

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  • Fishers Accessibility Post

    We Tested six Fishers Restaurants for Wheelchair Access (how it went)

    Accessible dining in Fishers: myth or reality? My daughter and I tried 6 spots to find out. Spoiler: it’s complicated.

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  • An image of Fishers Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant

    Final Fishers Vibrancy Grants of 2024

    Part of Fishers’ 2024 budget included $750k in an unprecedented investment in neighborhoods around the city. Here is the final list of grant winners.

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  • An image showing the proposed rates for parking at the Fishers Event Center in 2024

    Fishers Event Center Parking Fees

    An upcoming Fishers Town Hall Corporation meeting agenda shows a new parking rate table for the new Fishers Event Center opening in 2024.

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  • The boundary map showing Fortville's plans from 2023 to annex parts of unincorporated Hamilton County

    Fortville and Fishers want to annex the same land

    The Town Council of Fortville met on July 1st and plan to engage the City of Fishers on their annexation plans of Fortville addresses.

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  • An image of Kevin in Fishers backyard

    Who is Kevin the Peacock?

    Kevin is a peacock who lives in Fishers. No one know where he came from, but he’s got a story and most everyone loves…

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  • Fishers Construction Logo

    Construction Update – Week of June 24

    Here is the Fishers Construction to watch for this week of June 24, 2024

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  • 4th of July in Fishers

    Fourth of July Fishers 2024

    Here is where to watch the 4th of July Fireworks in Fishers, and buy some to shoot off your own!

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  • An image showing the annexation of Fortville into Fishers

    Southeast Fishers Annexation of Fortville

    The City of Fishers is considering annexing parts of southeast Fishers from Fortville. Here is what’s next.

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  • An image showing poll results from Fishers Digest proud to be a Hoosier

    Hoosier survey revealed

    In this Fishers newsletter, we share an update on the proud to be a hoosier poll, a bridge being built, and your weekend preview

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