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An image of the peony trail in noblesville indiana

Good Friday Morning. This is Fishers Digest. Can you believe pilots can read this weather report?! The better question is, can you? Answer key at the bottom of today’s newsletter.

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In today’s digest:

  • Carmel vs Fishers
  • No more loitering
  • Adult Easter Egg hunt
  • Weekend preview

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The Digest

🚰 Money faucet’s off

Estimates from Fishers Budgets. Green bar is the Carmel money.

Carmel has won an appeal that Fishers taking part of their tax dollars is unconstitutional. Here’s the high level:

  • The Issue: A law has sent millions of extra tax dollars to Fishers. If left untouched, it would have sent $56 million to Fishers by 2026. Carmel believes it’s rightfully theirs, but it’s very hard to track this.
  • The Legal Battle Starts: July 2023Carmel sues a few state agencies.
  • The Verdict: A Marion County Judge declares the law unconstitutional on March 20th, 2024.
  • The Impact: “This is going to be impossible to overcome” – Mayor Fadness on the Indystar (this also gives a good summary)

Again, this is a 150-word summary of something that takes 1000+ to understand the whole picture. If you’re team 150-word summary though, share this story with a friend 🤝

Anti-loitering saga

You can now be fined $250 for participating in large “disruptive events”. Sticking with today’s theme of bullet point summaries, here is how this happened:

  • A huge car meet is hosted at Circle K near 116th Street in downtown Fishers
  • Circle K can’t refill their gas, and locals complain to police about noise, burnouts
  • Police Chief Ed Gebhart releases a memo saying Fishers won’t tolerate it, and will figure out how to stop in future
  • Car meet organizers apologize, saying they support the police and didn’t mean to cause trouble
  • City Council meets on March 18 and rushes to pass an anti-loitering ordinance with fines

The lesson here? It’s probably best to get a permit in the future.

If you ever need it, here’s where you can apply for a permit. Bookmark this if you’re an event organizer! https://fishersin.viewpointcloud.com/categories/1081

A message from Kelly Dather*

2024 is already turning out to be an amazing year for our clients! In 2023, we were ranked in the top 1.5% of ALL Realtors nationwide, selling almost exclusively in Fishers. I often get asked how we do it.

  • Impact marketing. We take extra steps to expose your home to as many buyers and other Realtors as possible. We’re the only team that invests in putting your home in targeted places like a Fishers Digest ad.
  • Trust. Almost all of our clients who sell with us buy from us. Why? Because we aren’t salespeople. We are partners in accomplishing their goals.
  • We live here. There is no better way to know the market than by living here for a very long time! 😃

Spring is finally here, and we’re ready to help you get the most for your home. We can put together a plan with you, whether your home is turn-key or needs some work. We’ll make every effort to make sure you get the most out of your home. The Kelly Dather Real Estate Group | KW Indy Metro Northeast | Fishers, IN | 317-827-2066

-Kelly Dather and team

This is a sponsored post.

The Happenings

Weekend preview 📆 🍀

> A Charity Bingo night for Sketchy Mutts & Underdogs in Noblesville. (link)

> The disability awareness game with the Indy Fuel is tonight. A large section of seating has been reserved for everyone who wants to join. Your ticket also includes a limited-edition shirt! Friday (03/22) at 7 pm. Tickets here.

> The Presidential Egg Roll in Indy is also the only egg roll in Indy! Check it out at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential site this Saturday. (link)

Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Hey, who said hunting for Easter eggs is just for kids? Instead of Reese’s and robin eggs, you’ll find money, concert tickets, and wine gear. Now that’s what I call a good time. NOTE—This event is next weekend. Buy tickets soon here.

🏝️🗺️🔍🚶‍♂️➡️🌴⛏️⬇️🤲✨🔒🔑🔓🌟📦🎉🥳 Comic Con is here

One more puzzle for you today. In the spirit of comics this weekend, try to solve this emoji comic (made by yours truly, ChatGPT). Answer key at the bottom.

For more details about Comic Con this weekend and to buy tickets, check out the event website here.

🏀 Looking to watch March Madness?

Most places with a TV will likely have the games on. But these Fishers businesses get a big thumbs up for moments like this:

  • Parks Place Pub
  • Ale Emporium
  • Bubba’s 33
  • Main Event on 96th

You can also buy tickets to see a few of the games live at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Save the date 🗓️

An image of the peony trail in noblesville indiana

Map of places and businesses part of the Noblesville “Peony Trail”

The peony is the Indiana state flower. And we love them so much that there’s a festival celebrating them! Mark your calendars for May 18th (the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend). Over 30 vendors and special events will be there celebrating this flower. Details here.

📲 Want to see your business here? Email me to get a highlight. It’s free!

Nothing in this section is sponsored. It’s just something you should know.

Rapid Fire Hits

Quick headlines and things to know from all around 🌐

Heads up travelers. Make sure you check out the latest construction update for 146th Street and Allisonville Road. They’re making changes to east/west traffic. (link)

Membershine is a Fishers-based software company that announced plans to bring 60 jobs to their tech startup.

Tickets for the Fishers Basketball State game at Gainbridge Fieldhouse are now on sale.

The first round of Fishers neighborhood grants went out. Did your ‘hood make the list? Check it out here. (link)

Weekly recap

Here’s what readers clicked the most this week 🏆️

  • The top 10 American restaurants in Fishers (link)
  • Map of places to view the solar eclipse (link)
  • Happy Hours are back in Indiana (link)
  • This AirBnB in downtown Indy that is made entirely out of shipping containers (link)

Live Music

Check out our live music list for this weekend’s list!


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Answer key for the weather report:

☀️ Friday: Mostly sunny, high near 62°F. Isolated showers after 2pm. Wind East-Southeast 8-10 mph becoming South.

☀️ Saturday: Becoming sunny, high near 46°F. Wind North 15-17 mph, gusts up to 26 mph.

☀️ Sunday: Mostly sunny, high near 52°F. Wind East-Southeast 11-16 mph, gusts up to 24 mph.

Answer key for the emoji story:

  1. 🏝️ – The story starts on an island.
  2. 🗺️🔍 – Someone finds a map and examines it.
  3. 🚶‍♂️➡️🌴 – They walk towards a palm tree.
  4. ⛏️⬇️ – They start digging down at that spot.
  5. 🤲✨🔒 – They find something sparkling: a locked item.
  6. 🔑🔓 – They unlock it using a key.
  7. 🌟📦 – What’s revealed is a treasure chest.
  8. 🎉🥳 – The story ends with a celebration of the found treasure.

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